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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #154

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #154 

June 3rd, 2023 

  • Number: 154 

  • Name: Other Peoples and Elders of note in Ceannar 

  • Location:  Varies, see below 

  • Population (approx.): Varies, see below 

  • Brief 

  • Inari Peoples – Third (along with Cean and Voski) of the great seafaring Peoples of Ceannar. They’ve made a home for themselves along the south coast of the City-State establishing close relations with the Penin, supplying the latter with naval vessels and skilled crews to protect their interests vs. Noldrune and local pirates. The Inari are also patiently building ties with the Elves of Airontir Taun (#49) through the embassy at Elfmeet (#116) sharing a love of sailing on the quiet waters of the Airontir Copa. 

  • Trave Peoples – Nicknamed the “Builders,” the Trave have for centuries been instrumental in building the infrastructure of the City-State after the arrival and then repairing the damage done during the Ta’arnan occupation and subsequent rebellion. Closely associated with the Builders (and related) Guilds of the Collegium, Trave Guildmasters, members and apprentices can be found at projects across the land. Trave scholars frequently explore ancient ruins (assisted by adventurers) and visit with the elder Kin such as local Dwarves and Elves to expand their already impressive skillset. 

  • Sogra Peoples – Founders and proprietors of Sogra’s Bookbinders (#44), the Sogra Peoples have been elevated for their skills and contributions to the crafts of the City-State. Their Eldest is a minor noble in the court of Trave County. 

  • Geography: 

  • Inari County – Southern Ceannar bordered by the Penin (west), Trave and Etalier (north), Airontir (east) and the Sea of Hethichol (south). The Eldest of the Inari resides in a castle overlooking their largest town of Southport (population: 2,250 port and castle) along the Sea of Hethichol. 

  • Trave County – Central Ceannar bordered by the Penin (west), Harroe and Voski (north), Etalier (east) and Inari (south). The Eldest of the Trave, their “Master Builder,” lives on a large walled estate on the outskirts of the County capital, Reston, (population: 2,710 estate and town) along the west-east Trave-built highway running across the City-State. 

  • Sogra Manor – Northwest corner of Trave County against the Tuton Maug Spur. Eldest Sogra lives in the village of Taiga (population: 750). 

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