Friday, June 16, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #167

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #167 

June 16th, 2023 

  • Number: 167 

  • Name: Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Loch’arbor 

  • Location: Northernmost point of Loch Pitoloal (#59) 

  • Population (approx.): 1,300 

  • BriefLoch’arbor is an ancient fishing village which was blessed with a significant boost to its size and fortune when the City-State of Carasta drew its southern border through the settlement. The Guilds of the coast arrived to build and staff a fortress to oversee the region from The Furnace to the west (#23) to Lake Loloto Pogisa to the east (See #60 and #166). Guild leaders formed a Guild Council who appointed a Mayor to rule the usually indifferent but now safer locals. Over the years past, that Mayor has been a member of various guilds including Builders, Fisherfolk, Magicians and Merchants. The recent rise of ex-Tarnan groups to the south has led to Sir Jan-Pul DeBruce, an adventurer and Mercenaries Guildmaster, coming to power. In addition to his mayoral duties, Sir DeBruce has a fondness of adventuring, establishing what he calls a prototype of an Adventurers Guild here at Loch’arbor. He enjoys training with neophyte adventurers, dispatching them on “adventures” (usually scouting missions looking for people, places or things) in the Narrows and regaling them with likely highly improbable tales of his youth in the evening at his favorite tavern, the Sarcen’s Head. 

  • Geography: Loch’arbor’s village is nestled against the north end of Loch Pitoloal. A newer broad avenue leads up a nearby hill to the Southwatch Fortress that protects the town and surrounding land. In between, along the avenue, are various Guild-associated businesses, an Arcane Guild chantry and one Chapel to the Six Gods. 

  • Notable guild members of Lakeside include: 

  • Sir Jan-Pul DeBruce, Mayor, of the Mercenaries Guild 

  • Sir Don-Los DeBruce, Jan-Pul's brother, hotelier and retired warrior, of the Innkeepers Guild 

  • Ssa Ssa, ascetic monk and trainer, of the Mercenaries Guild 

  • Kel Endil, explorer and scout, of the Travellers Guild 

  • Sissel Cidric, magician and researcher, of the Arcane Guild 

  • Pierre of the Glade, master storyteller, of the Harpers Guild 

  • Sable Darkthorn, infiltrator and Mayor’s second, of the Assassins Guild 

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