Friday, November 23, 2012

Kickstarter Log

Kickstarter Log
A running log of all the Kickstarts that I have done and when they were and/or will be released.
Initial date: 11-23-2012
Update: 1-31-2014

Gaming Paper Singles - Received
Gaming Paper Adventures - Received

Dungeonmorph Dice - Received dice
Shadowlands Adventure Game Campaign Setting - Received PDFs, waiting for print copies.
Journeys to the West Pathfinder/Midgard supplement - 12-18-2012 Received Print copy of Journeys! 2-2-2013 - Received print copies of 2 add-on supplements
Jeff Dee's Egyptian Art of Dieties & Demi-Gods - Received Print
Ben Gerber's Encounters Plots & Places - Received Print edition on 6-15-2013
Far West Wuxia Mashup RPG- In work
Christopher West's Mass Transit 3 - Received maps
Age of Lords Campaign Setting- In work (delayed due to massive drive crash)

Ellis: Kingdom in Turmoil RPG - Received PDF
Monster Stand-Ins - Received Figures
Retro SF/F Book (Jeff Easley art) - Received PDF and print
Gunship First Strike - Received Game
Jeff Dee's Art of S2 - Received Print
Gaming Paper Free RPG Day Module - Received Print copy
Random Dungeon Generator as Map Poster - Received PDF
Dwimmermount - Various levels delivered, in work
Midgard Tales - 13 Pathfinder Advs - Received Print copy
Goblinworks MMO - Received PDF of Thornkeep
Fractured Phylactery Gaming Paper Module - Received PDF
Dungeon World - Received PDF
Dwarven Adventures Boxed Set - 12-4-2012 - Received miniatures on 12/3/2012 (good stuff!)
Age of Lords: Lost Continent - In work (delayed due to massive drive crash)
Gaming Paper Pirate Encyclopedia- Received PDF
Reaper Miniatures' Bones - Received minis 4/12/13
Jeff Dee's Non-Human Dieties of D&DG - Received print
Landscapes Fantasy Game Poster Maps  - Incomplete Kickstart
The Reliquary (RKDN Studios)- In work
Art of Adventure (RKDN Studios) - Received PDF
The Guide to Glorantha  - 12-20-2012 Kickstart complete (got the Atlas) - ETA December 2013

Pathfinder MMO - 1-14-2013 Funded, in work
Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls - 2-5-2013 Kickstart funded
Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks  - 2-2-2013 Funded, in work - 11-28-2013 Close to complete
Rise of the Drow  - 3-21-2013 Kickstart funded
Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes - 3-3-2013 Funded
The Gathering: Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic - 1-31-2014 Received Softcover and set of 4 print cards
Dinosaurs of the Lost Valley - Received prints
Torn Armor - 4-4-2013 Funded, 6-15-2013 received maps
Mjolnir, Hammer of Thor - Received copy of the print
Domains at War - 5-18-2013 Funded (ordered the electronic edition of the rules via my Dwimmermount discount coupon)
Deep Magic: A Tome of New Spells for Pathfinder -7-11-2013 Funded
Gaming Paper Megadungeon 2 - Lost Catacombs - Received printed maps
Beasts of Tsolyanu - Received print
Numenera: Poster Maps of the Ninth World - Received PDF of maps
Reaper Bones II - 10-26-2013 Kickstart funded
Metal Dragon Coins  - 10-28-2013 Kickstart funded

World of Calidar - 1-10-2014 Kickstart funded