Friday, January 31, 2014

Kickstarter Log Update - featuring The Gathering

Received my softcover copy of The Gathering (see below) and hence updated The Kickstarter Log

Monday, January 20, 2014

Micro Map Monday - 1-20-2014

For #micromapmonday   ( - The Lair of the Werebats - part 6: (Detail of one of their hidden rest stops.) Alchemists of the Werebat colony have learned to turn guano into potent explosives. Their traders carefully traverse the woods, skirting patrols, to trade with the Kav Duchy of Kirvos. To assist in their lengthy journey, rangers have found natural caves along their route and enlarged them to shelter their caravans from prying eyes. Featuring two levels, the lower for the carts and beasts of burden, and the upper for the drovers and scouts. #SpirosBlaak

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Micro Map Monday - 1-6-2014

In the Micro Maps community ( I've contributed regularly to #micromapmonday - but I haven't posted the drawings to my blog (and whatever its audience is). So here's the first of potentially regular postings of my contributions.

For #micromapmonday - The Lair of the Werebats - part 5: (Detail of one of the concealed entrances.) Inside the summit of Smoke Lake Mountain are a number of natural and handmade entrances to the Underearth beneath. Most are concealed from direct view by vegetation or cunning rearrangement of the surrounding rock. Near one is a small raised area of rock bearing what appears to be a single dead tree trunk. That trunk has been magicked so that when a particular branch is blown, like a flute, an ultrasonic alarm sounds across the lake and into the forests beyond, summoning the Werebats to defend their lair.