Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 3-31-15

For the #micromapoftheweek multiple themes of #construction #thedepths and #food :

The Deep Cut River lives up to its name and carves a narrow, sharp canyon through the outskirts of the wastes. Explorers to its far reaches, before the long run through the moors to the seas, found a lone tree growing within the confines of the river, below the view of the lands above. That tree, tapping an ancient spur of magicks, grew fruit with many wondrous uses.

The rich and powerful, with access to flight or teleportation spells, could easily visit the tree. But fortunately for all, it would grant only one fruit per person per visit. Adventurers crafted, fixed, re-crafted and re-re-crafted a number of rope and wood bridges forming a path between stone outcroppings down to the tree. Despite their efforts, reaching the fruit was hazardous, the whipping winds and fast currents of the Deep Cut claiming many a pilgrim.

Years ago, a lone Dwarf priest-mason arrived at the site and made it his personal quest to grant all equal access. Over the years he has slowly sung stone into graceful arches forming staircases, with walls,  and flat patios, for landings. Many are grateful and supply the man with food and supplies so he might complete his good works.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Micro Map of the week - 3-22-2015

For the micromapoftheweek theme of "Lair of the Gnomish Automaton Pterasaur" (via +John Lockard and +Ray Otus ),

Millenia ago the tall mesas of the wastes were home to nests of Pterasaurs, who used the hot winds of the desert to hunt far and wide. Their calls, like screams of thunder, echoed about the columns of stone.

Years passed and the beasts died off, leaving empty nests burrowed into the tops and sides of the granite towers. Exiled clans of Gnomish raiders found the site, scaled the walls and made those caves into their new base of operation. Their engineers raised the spectre of the Pterasaurs from the dead in the form of mechanical flying vehicles that they launched from concealed bases.

Stone doors, on metal tracks, withdrew into caverns. Rails were snapped into place, extending into the air and the Automaton Pterasaur was catapulted down a slope and into the skies. Wings unfolded and the airship flew into the distance. Once missions were done, the craft returned to the top of the mesa, circled to land and was lowered by elevator to the cavern below.

Link du jour: The Art of Lance Red

The Art of Lance Red: Sigvard

We've had the great pleasure of meeting Lance Red at two Gen Cons, bought several prints and commissioned a work for our anniversary. His attention to detail is exquisite and the coloring causes the characters to pop off the page. Highly recommend you check out his work.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 3-15-2015

For the theme of #stepwells

In one place, the tribal lands of the Great Erg are divided by a long ravine, prized by all for the dirt at the bottom is moist and cool, aquifers in the depths below. After centuries of conflict over this prized terrain, the priests of the Light Lords, brought all the chiefs together and hammered out (some say forced or coerced by magic) a truce. This fissure, nicknamed the Long River Thatisnot, would be shared by the surrounding tribes.

Each tribe was granted a space where they might dig a well into the water-bearing soil. Pools were formed and those who could not ride, hunt or fight were tasked with keeping the waters clean and hauling to the cisterns of their tribe. The water tenders built walls about their pools so they might fill. Around that walkways and steps were created. Soon the ravine filled with #stepwells decorated in the fashion of each local tribe. The tenders competed to see whose pool was the cleanest, deepest or coldest. The sun, when it reached the floor, glittered on the waters and shined on the clean stone surrounds.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 3-7-2015

For the #micromapoftheweek theme #cult

Years ago a dirt devil (a sort of minor magician dealing in earth magicks) followed a ley line across the Southern Wastes. He stumbled into a spherical cavern where a loop in the magicks formed a whirling mass of stone and rock. She managed to convince other stone singers to come to the site and behold what she had found.

Years later, the #cult of Shattered Stone maintains its headquarters in this hidden cavern. Working together, the earth enchanters managed to tap the ley line, slow and stabilize the swirling masses and formed an organized structure. It is an #Orrery of a sort, with an altar at its center. The magicians meet to wield the magicks of the ley line in various rituals, usually of construction and destruction.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 2/27/2015

For #micromapoftheweek 's theme of #urban   -
In the western wastes the great Salistin Ridge erupts from the sands and rises into the air. Years ago the diviners of the desert tribes discovered an aquifer below the ridge. Wells were drilled by hand, slave and magic, allowing a city of terraces to grow across the face of the Salistin.

Families and tribes own or claim one or more terraces and the connected rooms within the stone. Many years have passed since the first terrace was carved and now the stone is covered with the curved protrusions and the ridge riddled with tunnels, wide and small. The entire #urban area bustles with activity, the air filled with smell and sound.