Sunday, March 15, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 3-15-2015

For the theme of #stepwells

In one place, the tribal lands of the Great Erg are divided by a long ravine, prized by all for the dirt at the bottom is moist and cool, aquifers in the depths below. After centuries of conflict over this prized terrain, the priests of the Light Lords, brought all the chiefs together and hammered out (some say forced or coerced by magic) a truce. This fissure, nicknamed the Long River Thatisnot, would be shared by the surrounding tribes.

Each tribe was granted a space where they might dig a well into the water-bearing soil. Pools were formed and those who could not ride, hunt or fight were tasked with keeping the waters clean and hauling to the cisterns of their tribe. The water tenders built walls about their pools so they might fill. Around that walkways and steps were created. Soon the ravine filled with #stepwells decorated in the fashion of each local tribe. The tenders competed to see whose pool was the cleanest, deepest or coldest. The sun, when it reached the floor, glittered on the waters and shined on the clean stone surrounds.

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