Friday, July 23, 2010

Cemetery Hill - One Page Setting

** UPDATED ** North-west of a forest, near where a main road meets a lesser used coastal road; a lonely scrub-covered hill rises. Over 6 centuries ago, the royal family, in power in the region, began to bury its dead within the wind-swept grounds. The hill’s original name is lost to time; the locals now call it Cemetery Hill.

Download Cemetery Hill: One Page Setting.

A Bridge to Farn - One Page Setting

** UPDATED ** A Royal highway burns a straight path through the countryside. A sturdy bridge of white stone to bridge the gap. A pair of carriages, containing notable peoples or notable cargo, trundles along the road. Danger awaits.

Download A Bridge to Farn: One Page Setting.

Rocaim's Last Watch - One Page Setting

** UPDATED ** Once an important Early Warning Station in an era of technology, it now is a tomb for the last commander of the local defenses and a relic of a past age.

Download Rocaim's Last Watch: One Page Setting.

Ice Fortress Zero - One Page Setting - Part 1 Exteriors

** UPDATED ** In the far north, on a desolate border, a line of mountain fortresses protect versus the terrors of the ice fields. One fort, abandoned years ago, is now being consumed by the mountains themselves.

Download Ice Fortress Zero the Exterior: One Page Setting.

Ice Fortress Zero - One Page Setting - Part 2 Interiors

** UPDATED ** This fortress deserved two sheets of devotion. Presented here are the interior 8 levels of the main tower of Ice Fortress Zero, from roof top observation deck to the crypts for the remains of fallen defenders.

Download Ice Fortress Zero the Interior: One Page Setting.

Cemetery Hill - Sample Module

** Coming Soon ** - The same setting as the Cemetery Hill - OPS, but expanded to include history, tomb interiors, plot threads and sample enemies.