Saturday, March 18, 2017

Collaborative Dungeon 01 on Google+

Any map-makers out there looking for another collaborative project? Here in the - - Collaborative Dungeon 01 we're building a dungeon out of 10 sq x 10 sq tiles (5 foot squares, 50 x 50). Join us!
Attached are a couple samples of my work - my first and most recent squares (full sized version before cropping).

The process is simple and fun. Pick a square on the map of completed tiles adjacent to 1 or more completed maps. Check those maps for crossover tunnels (natural or man-made) or  water or other features. Create your map and submit to the Google share.

So far we have 2-3 dozen maps in an area that will hold 70-100 or so.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Exquisite Corpse Dungeon #4

Happy Holidays everyone,

Over the past couple of months I was a participant in the 4th of Rodger Thorm's Exquisite Corpse Dungeon mapping projects, where in a group of cartographers create their own map (this time 4 inches by 12 inches) based on a silver showing the connections to the map that came before. Lots of fun and a mapping project that is just my speed.

I also contributed to the 2nd - - which featured smaller maps but a higher # in a 2 column format (the final version an enormous 18 inches by 48 inches)!

For those interested, my original map was in color and is attached to this post.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Exquisite Corpse Dungeon #4

Good Evening all (and sundry on a Monday),

Just finished my portion of the latest Exquisite Corpse Dungeon (see - - for all details and background) and thought I would share it here.

Between the roots of evil is a section of the Underdark where a massive tree, in the skies above, sends its massive roots deep into the earth, splitting stone asunder, in search of liquid nutrients (water, magic, etc.). The growth and gradual movement of the roots has created hollows and passageways underground, potentially home to any number of creatures, humanoid or otherwise.

On the left side is a railroad spur of a mining concern which was abandoned years ago when the roots made the tunnels unstable and prone to collapse.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Work in Progress: The Trail of the Corrupt

As announced in a recent Iron Crown Enterprises newsletter, Heleen and I are working a three-part adventure we've entitled - The Trail of the Corrupt. Here's a quick visual I sketched for Heleen regarding our project:

ACD '16

"Late fall brought storms to the mountains of the north. Warmer than usual, what should have been the 1st snow of the year, became a flash flood surging down the Little Sleepy River into the lake to the south. Debris choked the waters. The bridge on the trade route near the lake collapsed into the torrent. Soon enough it was quiet, or so we thought ..."

Sunday, May 1, 2016

For the next few months ..

As announced today in the monthly ICE newsletter Heleen and I will be creating a three part adventure (tentatively titled "The Trail of the Corrupt") inspired by a recent ICE blog post.

We'll be busy over the next 3-4 months putting our spin on the three ideas with a (we think) nifty thread that connects them all together. I'll also get a chance to draw some micro-maps for encounters, a regional map and a several setting maps. Heleen will work her magic to summon all sorts of notable NPCs. Our plan is to provide hooks for both Shadow World and Cyradon.

Also of note, in the news letter, mention made of our prior (yet to be published) ICE module - "Enya Lote: Terrances of the Dead" - set in Cyradon and pending the reissue of the setting (pending I believe the re-issue of HARP?). We're looking forward to see how Enya Lote turns out. The story has a long history, with the module itself completed a time ago.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Curiousity Leads to Content

When I first picked up Kobold Press' Southlands campaign book, I was especially struck by the wonderful cartographic details throughout the maps created by Anna Meyer ( Fantasy Maps by Anna B Meyer ) of Greyhawk maps' fame. As I worked on my Narumbeki Gap setting, I strove to pull details out of the large maps and incorporate them into the posts.

To that end, I sent Ms. Meyer a message on Facebook ( Greyhawk Maps by Anna ) asking what the highest elevations were present in the MBazha and Fassili ranges. She responded by sending me two wonderful closeups, from her 3D Southlands continent map, of both ranges with the highest points marked therein. Wonderful stuff!

Now, even better, the folk over at Kobold Press have turned those maps into an article - More Locales of the Southlands - complete with both images and additional material regarding some of the unique aspects of each range. A terrific article which, mildly unfortunately, will lead to a delay in my chapter on the Southern Fassili mountain range, as Ben and Brian had an entirely different atmosphere in mind for those peaks. Back to the drawing board as it were, but in a good way.

Aye, there may still be a Jinn anchored to the range, but now perhaps it was as a result of a terrible conflict that left the haunted ruins in the valleys and passes. Living jinnborn continue their path around the range, but now perhaps to keep things from leaving instead of keeping outsiders from entering.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

The North Watch: Chapter Five Preview - The Anchor

A preview of chapter five of my #Southlands sandbox (on my blog - Chapter One) this #micromapoftheweek is another snapshot of the #narumbekigap

Climbing the Mountains: The Anchor

The Masar A'Nar jinnborn maintain their self-imposed guardianship of the Fassili mountain range for tribe's siraati deems the land to be sacred ground. (See chapter five) The elders (priests and seers alike) believe their Jinn is bound, trapped or tied to this smoky grumbling volcanic range in some fashion.

Explorers, jinnborn or otherwise, have searched the peaks of Fassili and have discovered unusual magical places such as this one, known as the murasa (anchor). After driving off all others, and cloaking the site from normal view, over the years the jinnborn have carefully excavated a hollow in the flank of a mountain.

At the bottom they have found a wide stone platform, adorned with mysterious (Ankeshelian?) runes above the heat of the earth below. The jinnborn believe it is either a ward or seal but frankly they are not quite sure whether it is to keep something in, nearby or out. At this time they do not have the means and some don't have the will to divine or test the nature of this ancient stone-like structure.