Saturday, February 6, 2021

Of Guilds and Counties: The Village of Lean

Of Guilds and Counties: The Village of Lean

By Heleen and Andrew Durston



  • Location: Count Bentara, On the Bay of Izar
  • Status: Royal Town, Baronial Seat
  • Population: 500 (approximate)
  • Government: Baron Lean
  • Market Size: Good (+5)
  • Military: Baron Lean



Lean (Possibly derived from the Erlin Lenov, “canal” or Lew, “cove” or both) sits on the Bay Road, which heads west and south five days' travel to the Port of Izar and which heads east four days’ travel to Bentara, the seat of the County. Lean, a village of about 500, marks the western border of County Bentara and is ruled by one of the Count’s younger vassal nobles, Baron Lean, Hamelin Barrett.


Map (c) 2003 Iron Crown Enterprises from Shadow World Master Atlas 4th edition