Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Micro Map Monday 12-30-2014

For yesterday's #micromapmonday with the theme of #holiday :

At the edge of the great ravine, the Sunwatchers built a temple so that they could watch the rise of the sun. On the walls of the circle, they placed stone obelisks fashioned with vertical slots, arranged so that the rising sun, at the beginning of each season, shone through the gaps. The sunlight would be focused by lenses set into the slots onto the central altar. The resultant heat would ignite the festival fires.

Runners, selected by their villages by competition or election for this was a high honor, would light torches from the holy fire and run tirelessly through the woods to central squares and grand keeps alike, to ignite their bonfires and fireplaces. So, the priests declared, began the four seasons of the land.

Micro Map Monday 12-22-2014

For today's #micromapmonday  theme of #hidden -

Behind a wall of foliage, entered only by a tunnel whose entryway is concealed from view, lies the Gardens of the Summer Fae, where flowers eternally bloom, butterflies and bees flit from blossom to blossom and magical sun warms all who tread the golden paths.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Micromap Monday - 12/15/14

For #micromapmonday theme of #horde -

There came a time when the denizens of the woods banded together to erect defenses against the hives of orcs, tribes of goblins and presses of kobolds who made forays into the gentler lands. A berm was raised by earth mages. On top a thicket of thorny ironvine twisted into an impenetrable wall, the spikes laced with fairy dust and spider venom. Towering overhead, huge trees raised towers into the air so rangers could rain arrows down over the barrier.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Over at Creating Games

Heleen, supporting Packt Publishing, is running a contest over at her blog - Creating Games - where you can win a copy of a Unity development book.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Into the Woods #7

For 12-1-2014's #micromapmonday theme: #stealth - In the eastern woods, the paths run between narrow tree-topped ridges. Cunning Kobolds have hollowed the interior of one ridge, their spell casters concealing hidden sally ports with illusion and regrown vegetation. Unwary travelers are at a loss when their path fills, front and back, with a small horde of thieving foes.

Into the Woods #6

For 11-24-2014's #micromapmonday Concealed from the few who traverse the hunting paths and game trails of the deep woods, the Sylvan Elves conceal their great libraries in the thick trees above prying eyes. #books  

Into the Woods #5

For 11-17-2014's #micromapmonday Into the Woods of the far north where ogres and trolls throw sacrifices into the bone-walled pit for their sky #dragon god who watches from the cliffs above.

Into the Woods #4

For 11-10-2014's #micromapmonday , theme #shadows - When the Holy Light destroyed the Necromancer at the Obelisk, his fleeing soul left a permanent black shadowy scar across the forest floor.