Monday, February 17, 2014

Micro Map Monday - 2-17-2014

In Holsfrin's Digs - several hundred feet from a barrier, past several short side tunnels,  the miner-made tunnel intersects with a natural hollow in the volcanic rock. The far wall of the chamber is the white and red stone of a tower swallowed by the mud, rock and lava of a  great eruption. A narrow window marks the center of the wall. The miners widened the opening with picks so that they could climb into the building and explore.

Tower "Ground" Level - The first level encountered of the building is roughly circular and about fifty feet in diameter. Stairs in the center ascend and descend. Possibly a lounge or library, the chamber has four pillars and two partitions. Eight windows mark the walls, some filled with flows of solid stone pouring onto the floor, while others look out onto more solidified lava.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Micro Map Monday - 2-3-2014

Many prisoners have tried to escape the cells and chain gangs of Kraephos. Few have succeeded and most of those have fallen prey to the animals and monsters of the island. Over the years, a number have managed to find a narrow ravine leading to some ancient ruins buried during the great eruption. A small stream carved the ravine down through the stone of the island, unearthing the entombed village.

Three decades or so, one prisoner, only known as the "Old Man" or the "Old Man of the Island," found the ravine and settled there. In years since, if an escapee makes it that far, the Old Man appears to guide he or she to this encampment, marked by the word Freedom painted on one exposed wall.