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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #175

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #175 

June 24th, 2023 

  • Number: 175 

  • Name: Other Notable Leaders of the Wastelands 

  • Location:  Varies, see below 

  • Population (approx.): Varies, see below 

  • Brief and Notables: 

  • Church-State of Earth and Water - The Church-State is ruled by the cooperative effort of the leaders of both Churches. Pitseolak Martensdottir, is the High Priestess of the Seas, a young and devout leader dedicated to strengthening the Church-State's position in the region. She entertains local ambassadors especially of the Matui Tribe (#159). Gurmeet Muhfeld, is the High Priest of Stone, a child prodigy of prodigious magical power but little experience, guided by a fractious council of Earth Elders. Their slow decision-making process leads to frustration for Martensdottir and confusion for Muhfeld. 

  • Clan Ironback – The Dwarves of Ironback are currently led by a sister and brother, Thanda and Ashel Ironband. The unusual pairing is effective for Thanda’s aggressive nature, she is a skilled tunnel fighter, is countered by Ashel’s patience, he is a master gemcrafter. Their father, Gian Ironband, only recently left the throne of Ironback to the pair. 

  • Danthas Marshes - Kana Sol, self-styled Queen of the Swamps (#20), leads a large group of waterborne bandits that control a portion of the southern river bank of the Danthas and regularly raid river traffic. To date the Marshwardens (#87) have been unable to contain the swamp bandits to the consternation of the Mataf Tribe. 

  • Saut Tribe – The unofficial seventh major tribe of Taodeas, the Saut live about the Saut River in the Wastelands. Although not part of the City-State to the north, the Saut continue to have close relations with the Danthas and Mataf across the river to the north and are supported by their brethren tribes in time of need. The current chieftess of the Saut is Shelomith Ahmose, a wise woman of advancing years but clear mind and sight. 

  • Geography: 

  • Church-State of Earth and Water – The Church-State (#20) covers approximately 3000 square miles of the irregular coastline south of Taop Bay between the Arvach Ocean and Matui River to the east. A cluster of low hills provides a marker of the southern border but little protection versus outsiders. Most of the population is clustered in settlements on the two peninsulas, the two capitals (#135, population: 4,100 and #140, population: 3,900), and the mainland a day’s travel inland. 

  • Clan Ironback Claims the northern half of the Ulu Maug on both sides of the border with Taodeas, from Blackstone Fortress (#15) to their southernmost tunnels (#67). The main underground settlement of the Clan is a citadel (#50, population: 1375) about 25 miles south of Blackstone Fortress. Tunnels and chambers radiate outward from the citadel throughout the mountains, connecting mines, natural sites, surface settlements like the capital and natural features like the underground source of the Danthas River. 

  • Danthas Marshes - East of where the Saut River joins the great Danthas, the latter becomes wider and sluggish, meandering through an area of wetlands that frequently floods from the west after winter and from the east due to ocean storms. An abandoned monastery on one island is now home to Kana Sol and her followers (population: 245). From there she controls the marshes for a day’s sail in each direction. 

  • Saut Circle – The Saut lands are along the Saut River from Sauville (#137) north to the junction with the Danthas at Saut Falls (#122). The tribe’s circle (#161, population: 750) is a large settlement on both sides of the waters in the center of their territory. A great platform for ceremonies rises above the river, connected by wooden bridges to each bank. Buildings cover the lands including the usual residences and businesses. 

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