Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #164

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #164 

June 13th, 2023 

  • Number: 164 

  • Name: Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Spiritminster 

  • Location: Coastal highway 4 days travel west of Carasta 

  • Population (approx.): 2,700 

  • BriefSpiritminster is unlike the other towns of Carasta, as it was founded centuries ago as a place where clerics and priests of the Six Gods minister to the faithful and troubled. The town’s Mayor is an appointed member (usually a notable priest or cleric) of one of the churches, each of the six taking a turn in order. The Guild Collegium, once the City-State was formed after the rebellion, established a business office, of sorts, with a local member of a Guild to serve as a liason between the Mayor, the Churches and the City-State. As of the current year, the Mayor is the Steadfast Chus Sonam Cassidy of the Church of Pala the Earth. The local Guild representative is Isobell Ralf, a bookkeeper who also serves as the town’s tax collector acknowledged by both Churches and Guilds alike. 

  • Geography: Spiritminster is 2 days north and west along the coast from Arrowwick (#163) hence 4 days from Carasta (#162). It was established long before the Ta’arnan occupation at a site deemed to be holy by one or more of the Churches. In addition to Cathedrals of the Six surrounding the center of town, Spiritminster is home to several other notable artisans including a very successful horse breeder, a master jeweler, and a master herbalist and alchemist. 

  • Notable persons of Spiritminster include: 

  • Vaklan Balvin, Master Jeweler, owner of the Sapphire Splendor 

  • Richardus Berengar, a unique secular healer of spirits and souls  

  • Odolina Betin, Church Mother of Malam the Light  

  • Nota Clerebald, Mistress Herbalist/Alchemist, owner of My Cup Overfloweth 

  • Jesper Ernold, horse breeder, owner of Jesper’s Horse & Feedery 

  • Emblyn Giradin, Priestess of Malam the Light and likely next Mayor of Spiritminster 

  • Carle Kester, a Fortune Teller and Lay Priest of the Skies  

  • Owyn Nicolin, disgraced Priest of Vai the Oceans 

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