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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #161

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #161 

June 10th, 2023 

  • Number: 161 

  • Name: Other Tribes and Chiefs of note in Taodeas 

  • Location:  Varies, see below 

  • Population (approx.): Varies, see below 

  • Brief 

  • Saut Tribe – The unofficial seventh major tribe of Taodeas, the Saut live about the Saut River in the Wastelands. As the tribes unified to drive the Ta’arnans south into the Wastelands, the Saut were not numerous enough, powerful enough or simply failed to make a case that they should be part of Taodeas and the border was set along the Danthas River. However, the Saut continue to have close relations with the Danthas and Mataf to the north and are supported by their brethren tribes in time of need. 

  • Dwarven Clans of the Lanu Maug – Four Dwarven Clans (Lakeforge, Redgorge, Steelsons and Orccutters) make their home in the Lanu Maug hills between Lake Loloto Pogisa and the Orc territories in the center of the range. 

  • Dwarven Clans of the Tuton Maug – Three Dwarven Clans (Highpeak, Crystalhome and Earthmule) make their home in the Tuton Maug hills west of the Greatwood and just south of their brethren Dwarves of Noldrune across the border (though the Dwarves see no difference between the Clans of either City-State). 

  • Wosen Tribe of the Tuton Maug – The Wosen are a tribe of Wildfolk who live in the southeast Tuton Maug south of the Dwarves and west of the Mataf Tribe of the farmlands. 

  • Geography: 

  • Saut Circle – The Saut lands are along the Saut River from Sauville (#137) north to the junction with the Danthas at Saut Falls (122). The tribe’s circle (population: 750) is a large settlement on both sides of the waters in the center of their territory. A great platform for ceremonies rises above the river, connected by wooden bridges to each bank. Buildings cover the lands including the usual residences and businesses. 

  • Lanu Maug Dwarven Cantons – The western Cantons occupy the north end of the Lanu Maug hills, from lake Loloto Pogisa and the settlement of Vaitaus (#4) southeast the border at Orcwatch Spire (#53). Each Clan constructed their own citadel (population: about 500 per site) in the roots of the underearth roughly equidistant from each other in a roughly diamond shape. 

  • Tuton Maug Dwarven Cantons – The eastern Cantons occupy the northeast portion of the Tuton Maug hills from the border with Noldrune south to just north of the Wosen territories on the surface. Each Clan constructed their own citadel (population: about 500 per site) in the roots of the underearth roughly 30 miles from each other in a line running north to south. 

  • Wosen Cavehome – The Wosen Wildfolk claim a roughly circular region of the southeast Tuton Maug hills near the corner formed by the Danthas, Mataf and Launi Tribal lands. The Wosen’s largest settlement, where their Chief resides, is a large complex of caves and adjacent open areas concealed by a carefully magically cultivated canopy of foliage. Known as their Cavehome, it is thought to be in the center of their lands. Their contact with the outside world, primarily the Launi Tribe, is at Gate-in-iron (#126) on their southeast border. 

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