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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States - Week 24

Compiling week 24 of the project, comprised of an additional 7+ sites, this week Guild (or other) Mayors and settlement leaders of the City-State of Carasta as shown below:

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #162 

June 11th, 2023 

  • Number: 162 

  • Name: Guild Mayors and Lord Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: City of Carasta 

  • Location: Carasta can be found on the south shores of the Staplefish Bay in the middle of the City-State of Carasta. 

  • Population (approx.): 9,200 

  • Brief: The Guild Collegium, being an association of Guilds large and small with interests in the Narrows and beyond, decided to step in and try their hand at governing as the aftermath of the collapse of the Ta’arnan Empire left the Narrows with no single ruling body. Each city and town, that came under Guild control (usually willingly), established a Council consisting of representatives of notable Guilds of that settlement. The Council then either appointed or elected a Mayor, invariably from among its own membership, to rule the said settlement. Each Council made its own rules for length of individual terms and methods of election subject to approval of the greater Collegium if challenged.  

  • History: Two years ago, after a campaign highlighting her service to the city, the Council of Guild Collegium elected Guildmistress Malcoume Hodge of the Lamplighter Guild, Prime Minister of the City-State of Carasta and Lord Mayoress of the City of Carasta. Her term is for five years subject to snap elections based on the relative strength and position of her associated faction, the Services Guilds, in the Collegium. The Lamplighters serve in the traditional sense, keeping the mundane and magical lights working across the city, but has also adopted the role of a Nightwatch, with the assistance of the Mercenaries Guild, keeping the bulk of Carasta’s streets quiet and safe. 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #163 

June 12th, 2023 

  • Number: 163 

  • Name: Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Arrowwick 

  • Location: Coastal highway 2 days travel south and west of Carasta 

  • Population (approx.): 4,600 

  • Brief: The Guilds of Aenwyld can be roughly divided into two categories; the Artisans, those who make things and the Services, those who do things. Naturally some Guilds bridge the divide as it were, both making and serving. The town of Arrowwick is home to a fair number of high-quality Artisan Guild members, some of an unusual nature. This has even attracted the attention of the County of Noldune who’ve dispatched a diplomat, Roysa, to enable trade of their wares.  Despite being a haven for artisans, Arrowwick’s Mayor, Yu Rajani Ailbe, is a master of the Merchant’s Guild, popular (and hence electable) given their skill in finding markets (such as Noldrune) for the wares of Arrowwick. 

  • Geography: Arrowwick is 2 day’s travel south and west of Carasta (#162) and a day south of Spiritminster. The town was built several miles inland from the coast, along the north edge of unnamed woods surrounding Woodland Path (#98), hence has no harbor but some fisherfolk live along the coast nearby. The town has some unusual businesses such as a Zoo (Bears, Hippogriffs and Slimes, Oh May!) with a menagerie of the wild and strange. Mayor Ailbe is somewhat concerned about the activity between the town and Spiritminster at the The AEther Wheel (#95) and has dispatched both observers to the site and sent letters of concern to the Magician’s Guild in Carasta. 

  • Notable artisans of Arrowwick include: 

  • Zelphar Aero, glassblower, of The Twinkling Glass, of comparable skill to Clearview Glassworks (#39)  

  • Gelen Dannet, alchemist, of the Gorgeous Elixir  

  • Jacobina Favlan, herbalist, of Ida Gawen’s Invisible Pot  

  • Robard Hanequin, beekeeper, of Bee Good & Farm Friendly 

  • Muriel Hubelot, weaponsmith, of the Eagle Star Weapon Smithy 

  • Otibera Magmabraids, a dryfit cooper, of Dapper Hammer Cooperage  

  • Warin Simond, an engineer in the employ of Mayor Ailbe working on the town’s dilapidated keep  

  • Benedict Tam, a brewer, of Breaking Brews  

  • Malyn Tam, furrier and clothier, of the Wild Animal Furrier 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #164 

June 13th, 2023 

  • Number: 164 

  • Name: Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Spiritminster 

  • Location: Coastal highway 4 days travel west of Carasta 

  • Population (approx.): 2,700 

  • Brief: Spiritminster is unlike the other towns of Carasta, as it was founded centuries ago as a place where clerics and priests of the Six Gods minister to the faithful and troubled. The town’s Mayor is an appointed member (usually a notable priest or cleric) of one of the churches, each of the six taking a turn in order. The Guild Collegium, once the City-State was formed after the rebellion, established a business office, of sorts, with a local member of a Guild to serve as a liason between the Mayor, the Churches and the City-State. As of the current year, the Mayor is the Steadfast Chus Sonam Cassidy of the Church of Pala the Earth. The local Guild representative is Isobell Ralf, a bookkeeper who also serves as the town’s tax collector acknowledged by both Churches and Guilds alike. 

  • Geography: Spiritminster is 2 days north and west along the coast from Arrowwick (#163) hence 4 days from Carasta (#162). It was established long before the Ta’arnan occupation at a site deemed to be holy by one or more of the Churches. In addition to Cathedrals of the Six surrounding the center of town, Spiritminster is home to several other notable artisans including a very successful horse breeder, a master jeweler, and a master herbalist and alchemist. 

  • Notable persons of Spiritminster include: 

  • Vaklan Balvin, Master Jeweler, owner of the Sapphire Splendor 

  • Richardus Berengar, a unique secular healer of spirits and souls  

  • Odolina Betin, Church Mother of Malam the Light  

  • Nota Clerebald, Mistress Herbalist/Alchemist, owner of My Cup Overfloweth 

  • Jesper Ernold, horse breeder, owner of Jesper’s Horse & Feedery 

  • Emblyn Giradin, Priestess of Malam the Light and likely next Mayor of Spiritminster 

  • Carle Kester, a Fortune Teller and Lay Priest of the Skies  

  • Owyn Nicolin, disgraced Priest of Vai the Oceans 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #165 

June 14th, 2023 

  • Number: 165 

  • Name: Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Obermarsh 

  • Location: Coastal highway 6 days travel west and north of Carasta 

  • Population (approx.): 1,500 

  • Brief: In some ways Obermarsh is the northern frontier of the City-State of Carasta, being the last large settlement on the North Coast Highway. Beyond is a mixed bag of caravansaries, small thorps and villages, and barely maintained camping sites. Obermarsh features a lively guild structure for a small town, population of guild members roughly evenly divided between Artisan and Services Guilds. The Obermarsh Town Council, consisting mostly of Guild Elders along with other notables such as local Church representatives, gather to elect or re-elect the Mayor every 3 years. However, the candidates (and any other major decisions) are rarely made without the approval of a “silent council member,” a local semi-retired mistress of assassins. The current approved and elected Mayor is Carlos Jarin, a skilled and successful merchant and outfitter. 

  • Geography: Obermarsh is 2 days north along the coast from Spiritminster (#164) hence 6 days from Carasta (#162). Somewhat younger than Spiritminster, the town is roughly circular, the outer wall pierced by 3 gates, with the Ober Stream passing nearby. The Market Square in the center is surrounded by the Town Hall, the Guildhouses and an unusual Clocktower. Outside the walls are 3 caravan fields, several businesses and surrounding farms. 

  • Notable guild members of Obermarsh include: 

  • Carlos Jarin, Mayor and master merchant/outfitter, owner of Carlos Capes and Cowls Outfitters 

  • Kelvin Farman, master brewer, Chair of the Artisan Guild and town councilor  

  • Owun Frostmail, master blacksmith, owner of Bronze Anvil Smithy 

  • Jonet Hemin, stonemason, owner of Watching Wall Stonery  

  • Reinfred Lanolin, master lamplighter, Chair of the Services Guild and town councilor  

  • Alias Malot, healer, works out of Floral and Honey Medicines  

  • Cedany Salamon and Ralf Vasey, master bakers, owners of Loving Cake 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #166 

June 15th, 2023 

  • Number: 166 

  • Name:  Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Lakeside 

  • Location: Western shore of Lake Loloto Pogisa 

  • Population (approx.): 500 (year-round) plus an additional 300-1000 (resort off and on season) 

  • Brief: Lakeside is the local name of the village surrounding The Palace of Light and Water (#60), the well-known resort on the shores of Lake Loloto Pogisa. Although the Churches of Vai and Malam run the resort, the Guilds of the City-State support their efforts and run the surrounding village. The Courtesans, Harpers, Innkeepers and Mercenaries Guilds hold a financial stake in the Palace, their local Guild leaders forming a village Council years ago. That council elects a Mayor, currently veteran warrior Major Adair Duru of the Mercenaries Guild, to manage the village and interface with the Churches. Major Duru would prefer to manage with a heavy hand, but his second-in-command, Specialist Captain Eun-Wood, provides the velvet glove over his ironfist.  

  • Geography: Lakeside surrounds the Palace of Light and Water on the northwest shore of Lake Loloto Pogisa between Riverbourne (#3) and Canalhead (#16).  Lakeview Avenue connects all three settlements. The village is skewed to the service industry over artisan-centric businesses, importing most goods from surrounding settlements and elsewhere in Carasta. 

  • Notable guild members of Lakeside include: 

  • Adair Duru, Major and Mayor, of the Mercenaries Guild 

  • Tshepo Eun-Woo, Captain and scout (spymistress), of the Mercenaries Guild 

  • Chimwemwe Adeola, head housekeeper at the Palace, of the Innkeepers Guild 

  • Eun-Jung Pittiulaaq, stablemaster, of the Innkeepers Guild 

  • Otobong Hosni, healer specializing in recovering from “over doing it,” of the Healers Guild 

  • Olusola Ofir, master craftsman at the Palace, of the Builders Guild 

  • Happy Pua, master clown and performance artist, of the Harpers Guild 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #167 

June 16th, 2023 

  • Number: 167 

  • Name: Guild Mayors of the City-State of Carasta: Town of Loch’arbor 

  • Location: Northernmost point of Loch Pitoloal (#59) 

  • Population (approx.): 1,300 

  • Brief: Loch’arbor is an ancient fishing village which was blessed with a significant boost to its size and fortune when the City-State of Carasta drew its southern border through the settlement. The Guilds of the coast arrived to build and staff a fortress to oversee the region from The Furnace to the west (#23) to Lake Loloto Pogisa to the east (See #60 and #166). Guild leaders formed a Guild Council who appointed a Mayor to rule the usually indifferent but now safer locals. Over the years past, that Mayor has been a member of various guilds including Builders, Fisherfolk, Magicians and Merchants. The recent rise of ex-Tarnan groups to the south has led to Sir Jan-Pul DeBruce, an adventurer and Mercenaries Guildmaster, coming to power. In addition to his mayoral duties, Sir DeBruce has a fondness of adventuring, establishing what he calls a prototype of an Adventurers Guild here at Loch’arbor. He enjoys training with neophyte adventurers, dispatching them on “adventures” (usually scouting missions looking for people, places or things) in the Narrows and regaling them with likely highly improbable tales of his youth in the evening at his favorite tavern, the Sarcen’s Head. 

  • Geography: Loch’arbor’s village is nestled against the north end of Loch Pitoloal. A newer broad avenue leads up a nearby hill to the Southwatch Fortress that protects the town and surrounding land. In between, along the avenue, are various Guild-associated businesses, an Arcane Guild chantry and one Chapel to the Six Gods. 

  • Notable guild members of Lakeside include: 

  • Sir Jan-Pul DeBruce, Mayor, of the Mercenaries Guild 

  • Sir Don-Los DeBruce, Jan-Pul's brother, hotelier and retired warrior, of the Innkeepers Guild 

  • Ssa Ssa, ascetic monk and trainer, of the Mercenaries Guild 

  • Kel Endil, explorer and scout, of the Travellers Guild 

  • Sissel Cidric, magician and researcher, of the Arcane Guild 

  • Pierre of the Glade, master storyteller, of the Harpers Guild 

  • Sable Darkthorn, infiltrator and Mayor’s second, of the Assassins Guild 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #168 

June 17th, 2023 

  • Number: 168 

  • Name: Other Mayors of Guilds of note in Carasta 

  • Location:  Varies, see below 

  • Population (approx.): Varies, see below 

  • Brief and Notables 

  • Branhurst (#97) - Home to the Fishers Guild headquarters (the “net”) for Carasta, the village’s mayor is currently Master Fisher Nitya Vanna. 

  • Driftwood Cove (#93) - A small Guild-supported settlement on Staplefish Bay, the current mayor is Dor Navarro, an artist of renown from the Painters Guild. 

  • Filumville (#94) - Although ruled by the local Viscount, the Guild Collegium “assists” with day-to-day business along the river. The current liaison to the Guilds is Gunay Taiwo, a registered majordomo of the Diplomats Guild. 

  • Fruit Ridge Monastery (#168) - The Monastery and surrounding orchards are run by the local church of Vai. The Inn and local businesses are run by Gefroi Wymark, a master Hosteler of the Innkeepers Guild. 

  • Orvusiv (#168) - A small fading mining town in the foothills of the Gold Mountains, Orvusiv is ruled by a town council lead by a wizard, Jak Wilmont, of the Arcane Guild. 

  • Riverbridge (#73) - Bridging the Noldrune river, Riverbridge is ruled by a noble of Noldrune, but the City-State of Carasta established a Guild Collegium office on the Carasta side of the river. The office is led by a young master crafter, Hwan Souza, with political aspirations. 

  • Staplefish Overlook (#131) - A coastal town built into a series of caves dealing in both mining and fishing, it is home to many Guild members of those and related Guilds. The Guild Council regularly elects a Mayor who is currently Fang Perugia, a dual threat master trader of grains and brewer of spirits of the Merchants Guild. 

  • Woodland Path (#98) - A settlement along the Woodland Path centered around collaborative efforts, between Druids, woodworkers and loggers, in sustainable forestry. Representatives of the 2 main Guilds (Carpenters and Logging) and the Churches gather each year to appoint an arbitrator of disputes who essentially serves as village mayor. Currently the appointee is Arya Imani Laine, a church scholar specializing in flora lore . 

  • Geography: 

  • Branhurst (#97) - Can be found on the North Coast Highway between Carasta and Port Lostfort (population: 700). 

  • Driftwood Cove (#93) - Can be found on the North Coast Highway about 3 days travel north of Obermarsh (#165) (population: 240). 

  • Filumville (#94) - Can be found on the Carasta side of the Alavai River about halfway between Taosport (#17) and Canalhead (#16) (population: 340). 

  • Fruit Ridge Monastery (#168) - Can be found on the North Coast Highway about a day’s travel north of Obermarsh (#165) (population: 150). 

  • Orvusiv (#168) - Can be found at the end of the Gold Road off of the North Coast Highway about 3 to 4 days travel north and then west of Obermarsh (#165) (population: 50). 

  • Riverbridge (#73) - Can be found straddling the Noldrune River about a day’s travel north of Riverbourne (#3) (population: 850). 

  • Staplefish Overlook (#131) - Can be found on the North Coast Highway about 6 days travel north of Obermarsh (#165) (population: 1,750). 

  • Woodland Path (#98) - Can be found in the woods a day’s travel south of Arrowwick (#163) (populaton: 330). 



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