Friday, June 23, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #174

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #174 

June 23rd, 2023 

  • Number: 174 

  • Name: Regions, Capitals and Notable Leaders of the Wastelands: The Tinker King 

  • Location: Western slopes of the Afale Maug, inland of the Arvach Ocean 

  • Population (approx.): 15,000 inhabitants over 5,000 square miles 

  • Brief: The upheaval of Ta’arnan’s collapse drove much of the population from their homes, turning farmers, crafters and herders into nomadic refugees and scavengers. Events both good intentioned (that created the Lost Coast (#64)) and evil aspected (that renamed a mountain as The Lost Peak (#30)) drove some locals south and others into the foothills of the Afale Maug. There some began anew about an old tower of ancient construction. The unnamed new settlement prospered for a while until one day an ancient figure appeared within the Tower. The locals fled in terror, but the figure pursued and encourage some to return with promises of protection and power. The being, of no known name but eventually nicknamed the Tinker King, organized those who remained, and others who later arrived, into groups of scavengers. Some he had pick through the scree deposited when the great waves created the Lost Coast. Others headed into the hills to explore the caldera of the Lost Peak. Materials and items were brought to the tower for the King’s “tinkering.” But it was not mundane mechanisms he worked, but biological mechanism, that is, living beings. The Tinker King provided mysterious arcane biomechanical augments to willing subjects, making the survivors his favored lieutenants and leaders. He remains in the tower to this day, surrounded by a large settlement of warriors and workers, served by his oldest and now strangest modified companions. Usually, they continue to exploit the coast and the mountains, but raiding parties have been encountered as far north as the Church-State of Earth and Water (#29) and as far south as Zetroscha (#169).  

  • Geography: The Tinker King “rules” the western half of the Afale Maug, roughly centered between the Church-State to the north, Zetroscha to the south and bounded by the Lost Coast of the western shores of the Arvach Ocean. Scouts and traders report at least five different settlements; the original tower now surrounded by a small town (population: 1,100), two to the north and one each to southwest and southeast. The populace continues to scavenge and forage the region, but more mundane occupations such as farmers and herders are now present.  

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