Thursday, June 29, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #180

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #180 

June 29th, 2023 

  • Number: 180 

  • Name: Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: Tawen of Noldrune Part 5 

  • Location: Along the Tauoi River between Ma’amore Maug and Far Harbor (#36) 

  • Population (approx.): 4,000 inhabitants spread over the 3 wards of the large town 

  • Brief and Notables:  

  • Most of the inhabitants of Lower Tawen belong the “small folk” People of the Fields who founded Tawen. The People typically have a given name, usually used by their kin, and a nickname, usually used in public conversation. 

  • Mouse – “Ketan”; Sopdet “Bloodroot” is an elderly Dwarf woman who is the High Priestess of Flora and Mouse Elder. When not at her Chapel, she usually can be found tending to the crops in the underground chambers off of the Lower City, particularly found of the plant for which she was nicknamed. She cares little for the business of the world outside the caverns. The Mouse People are considering replacing her as Elder. 

  • Squirrel – “Toepsipaen”; Tosca “Limbrunner,” Captain of the Field Guardians, is a young tallish (for a Squirrel) Human lady who, when not at the apartments of her father, the Squirrel Elder Horra “Frogrider,” can be found at the outer walls of Outer Tawen or checking with patrols in the tunnels outside of the Lower Town. She’s determined to keep Tawen as Tawen and not be swallowed by the City-State. 

  • Rabbit – “Sqeweo”; Carin “Hazelnut” is a late-middle-aged short Human woman, who was once a farmer and trader, specializing in nuts and dried fruits, but is now the esteemed Elder of the Rabbits. She might be overly trusting of the Noldrune locals but has a good trading sense. 

  • Rat – “Hewt”; Hartwin “Nightcurse” is a dark-skinned middle-aged Halfling male who claims no specific profession but is generally said to be a thief of some skill. So far he has kept out of permanent trouble by his older brother Diarmit “Whiskers” who is current Rat Elder. Hartwin constantly schemes, currently pursuing an alliance with the Baron’s Bastards of Smuggler’s Rest (#123). 

  • Geography: 

  • Sopdet’s Chapel is against the outer wall of Lower Tawen where the main tunnels dive into the underdark. She has a plain apartment above the altar chamber. 

  • Tosca’s family lives in a lush apartment at the top of Lower Tawen near the elevators to the upper town, but she is rarely home, usually resting in her office at the Guardian barracks in the outer town. 

  • Carin lives above the Lower Tawen general store now run by her children and other relatives. She is one of the few People who regularly travel outside of the city usually to Far Harbor and points north along the coast. 

  • Hartwin usually crashes at his brother’s apartments or in the backrooms of businesses loosely under his control (a tavern by the docks and a gambling house against the east chamber wall).

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