Friday, December 29, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #359

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #359 

December 29th, 2023 

  • Number: 359 

  • Name:  Deep Dive of Four Places of Interest: Starting Points – Part 3 

  • Location:  Seaview, City-State of Ceannar 

  • Population (approx.): 1211 (Seaview and the Storm Coast) 

  • Brief: The Parishes of the Taq’Alay’Sut cover the bulk of Cean County, with the remainder split between three other Shires, one to the east and two to the south. In the south, one Shire hews close to the main highway between Overlook and East’arbor, while the other, Storm Coast Shire, hugs the coast. The two are divided by a border line drawn from the northeast corner of Hamar Inlet, just south of Everfrozen Lake, ending at Hook Point on the Sea of Hethichol. The Shire, named for the typical weather of the deep seas, features a string of fishing and trading settlements along the shore Seaview being the capital, populated with fierce, grizzled individuals who yell challenges to the wind and waters, daring the Hethichol to do its worst.  

  • Idra Starbeam, 258, male Sea Elf, is a monster hunter of the finest pedigree. He is slightly taller than a three-shelf bookcase and has green hair with silver streaks. His lavender eyes are quite piercing once he sets his mind on his quarry. Idra wears beautiful armor made of seashells that have received a magical hardening. His favorite weapon is a giant harpoon that sits on the front of his boat, The Sea Hunter. For close-up fighting, he wields a long sword in his right hand and a short sword in his left. 

  • Idra loves to hunt and has traveled the seas, oceans, and even giant lakes to hunt and capture monsters that cause problems for people. He started as a boy when his uncle took him fishing, and the boat they were in was keeled over because of a giant sea monster. He almost died, and his uncle didn't make it. Idra vowed that he would hunt down the creature and make him pay. Several years later, he did just that and has been at it ever since. 

  • Idra lives on a houseboat with his wife, Presara (Pre), 250, Sea Elf tied to a pier in Seaview. They have many children and grandchildren. Their great-grandson, Lukas, 100, lives nearby and helps Idra with his hunts. Presara operates the boats when they hunt and spends the rest of her time with the family. Seaview has been their home for a long time, and they have many friends there. 

  • Threads: Seaview sits on the windswept coasts on the southern border of the Storm Coast Shire and Ceannar itself. The ever-present dangers of both land and sea bring opportunities for young adventurers including but not limited to: 

  • Word reaches Idra that something has risen from below the ice of the Everfrozen Lake. He gathers a group of adventurers to accompany him to the north. 

  • A wealthy merchant arrives in Seaview seeking explorers to search for a missing vessel along the Haunted Spires. 

  • A band of buccaneers has landed on Whaleback Isle, threatening the passing sea traffic. The Sheriff is gathering warriors to sail south and deal with the miscreants. 

  • Merchant vessels and some of the larger fishing trawlers hire guards. 

  • The Sheriff hires as needed to supplement land-based coast patrols especially about Hamar Inlet and the unclaimed coast between the inlet and the Haunted Spires. 

  • Geography: Seaview is tucked into a relatively calm cove on the south shore of Ceannar. The town is about 30 miles due south of the main road to East’arbor. The strange waters of the Everfrozen Lake (#48) are to the northwest and the dangerous coasts of the Haunted Spires (#11) to the southwest which force sea traffic into the Sea of Hethichol (first sailing straight south around Whaleback Isle and then west until the safer forested coast of Airontir Taun (#49) comes into view). Seaview’s buildings are perched on the stone of the cliffs, leaning over the docks. The waters are covered with clusters of houseboats and fishing vessels moored nearby. The largest structures are the Hall of Uma (Lord of the Seas) and the Sailors’ Guildhall (whose leader serves as either Sheriff, Town Mayor or both depending on the year and charisma). 

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