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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #348

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #348 

December 15th, 2023 

  • Number: 348 

  • Name:  Deep Dive of Subjects of Interest: Warriors of the Wastelands – Part 5 

  • Location: The Wastelands 

  • Population (approx.): 1472 (Lascha on the northern border of New Zetroscha) 

  • Brief: The nascent “Coastal-State” of New Zetroscha (the founders attempting to dispose of any association with the failed Church-State of the Ta’arnan Empire) works to define and hold the notional borders around them. Marshall Apurva Pike-MacNeill, leader of the Free Riders of Zetroscha and effectively the military commander of New Zetroscha, has sought out the best fighters and riders to form the core of Free Riders brigades in the villages and towns slowly coming under the banner of the new country. She has created two types of brigades, the scouting brigades who handle patrolling the borders and protecting the roads, and the defense brigades stationed in each recognized village or town of sufficient size to warrant a full-time military presence. The borders are threatened by things both old (such as creatures from the Lost Coast and the Hedron Assembly of Ruins of Natroscha) and new (the raiders of the Tinker King and other threats from borderlands to the south. The Marshall’s commanders are rugged fighters unafraid of the dangers that come with nation-building and protecting the innocent. 

  • Sir Edgard (Ed) Holbire, 31, male Human, is a Cavalier for the port town of Lascha. He is rangy and barrel-chested. His jet-black hair is worn short in a buzz cut. His hazel eyes are just beneath raised eyebrows. Ed wears hose and a quality jerkin most days, but he wears full plate on training days. His personal icon is a hawk diving to pick up a broadsword. His tabard sports a defense tower. Ed likes to use a broadsword but is skilled with a lance and shield. 

  • Ed commands the Lascha Free Riders defense brigade. He oversees his cavalry cohort and drills his soldiers daily except on religious holidays. He practices weekly with the lance and has won several tournaments. Ed is known for being a bit aloof, but get him talking about tournaments, and he can discuss them at length. 

  • Ed is courting Idina Flinthawk, 27, female Human. She is a seamstress of young ladies' ball gowns. Ed is just about ready to propose but is looking for a sign from Idina that she is prepared to commit. He owns a manor home as befits his station, on a hill near Lascha but is rarely home. Ed's best friend is Jefferey Elfshadow, 28, male Human. The two of them are expert equestrians and go riding together most mornings. 

  • Geography: The port town of Lascha is on the currently defined northeast border of the Coast-State of New Zetroscha (#169). Sir Holbire’s brigade protects the town from land-borne threats from the Lost Coast (#64) and the Tinker King (#174) as well as the rare pirate foray from bases such as Reaver’s Rock (#22) on Taop Bay. Lascha features a goodly-sized harbor, home to a growing fishing fleet and the 1st ship of a new ocean brigade organized by some sailors hoping to catch the Marshall’s attention. A rise above the harbor is home to buildings in both old Ta’arnan and newer styles covering all manner of businesses and numerous residences. Actively maintained roads depart from Lascha along the coast to the south and eastward inland toward the villages about South Plains Tar (#68). Other paths head north along the coast and northeast toward the Afale Maug and its dangers. 

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