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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #334

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #334 

December 1st, 2023 

  • Number: 334 

  • Name:  Deep Dive of Subjects of Interest: Of the Accounting by Mister Zariya Savindy, Scholar, as Requested by the Arcane Guild - Part 5 

  • Location: Across the hills and dales of the City-State of Taodeas  

  • Population (approx.): 278 (Northbend) 

  • Brief: Zariya’s introduction to the Stonefellow by Josys Fiddlebit was intriguing to the scholar. Since magic was codified, magicians have been able to summon creatures from either their surroundings or from other realms whether spiritual, elemental or physical. The creatures usually returned whence they came upon expiration of the enchantment. The next evolution of the spells was to allow the caster to attach the creature to themselves so that they would serve as a servant, companion or usually bodyguard. That attachment was usually permanent until either served by decision of the magician or their untimely demise. So how has the Stonefellow remained in place all these years? Several days of pondering brought the answer to Zariya. He speculates that the summoner is indeed dead, but his spirit has not departed Aenwyld hence maintaining the link to the Stonefellow. But where might the spirit be? To answer this question, Zariya continues along the Matui river to the village of Northbend to meet a pair of adventurers and their daughter all with recent experience with undead of the region. 

  • Gatty Havenshaper, 23, female Human, is a bard and sound Mage. She is short and full-figured. She wears her auburn hair long in waves that cascade down her back. Her jade-green eyes are warm and friendly. Gatty wears glasses and has a large selection of them. Her favorite outfit is a long skirt and a blouse with ruffles. She uses a specialized leather strap to attach her lute to her back. She also plays the recorder and a harmonica and wears those about her person.  

  • Gatty has always been musical and loves to play and sing. While adventuring with her parents, a ghost attacked. Gatty was so scared that she vocalized an attack that damaged the ghost. Ever since then, Gatty has been experimenting with her sonic abilities, and she has discovered they are pretty powerful. Gatty's family has also tried to find her a mentor and hasn't had any luck. Sonic magic seems to be very rare.  

  • Gatty lives in a mid-size cottage with her parents, Ronan, 43, and Nikki, 42. When not adventuring, Gatty entertains people by playing her music at the Jaded Book Inn. She also dates Axel, 24, male Human, a Barbarian who writes poetry. Her best friend is Gilla Autumnfall, 22, female Human, a barmaid at the Jaded Book Inn. The two of them enjoy gardening and talking about men. 

  • Zariya met the Havenshaper family several years ago when Gatty’s secondary powers manifested, and they sought further instruction. They welcome his return and are intrigued by his theory. Zariya produces a rough map of the area about the Church-State of Earth and Water so that Nikki and Ronan can indicate their encounters with the undead (a specialty of their Adventuring Company). The site that best fits the bill for the current home of Stonefellow’s binder would appear to be Old Ghost Lake, to the southeast over the border in the Wastelands. Zariya takes copious notes and says that when the census is complete, he plans to return to the area and explore the lake. The Havenshapers, if present at the time, would be interested in accompaning them. 

  • Geography: The village of Northbend sits on the north bank of the Matui River about 30 miles due east (longer if one follows the river) of Cestle (#331). Like Cestle, it is a typical riverbank settlement built on a rise above the spring floodline, with wooden stairs down to the docks along the water. The village is centered about the Jaded Book Inn, a large establishment catering to local hunters, forages, miners, the southernmost contingents of the Orchunters (#86) and eastern vessels of the Riverwardens (#51). Old Ghost Lake (#66) is another 40 miles upstream, being the source of the Matui River. 

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