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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #352

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #352 

December 19th, 2023 

  • Number: 352 

  • Name:  Deep Dive of a Site and Persons Therein of of Interest: TriCounty Fairgrounds – Part 2 

  • Location: Corner of Counties Berian, Claid and Ulste in the City-State of Noldrune 

  • Population (approx.): 275 (Fair staff), 511 (Village of Farewell) 

  • Brief: As the years of the Fairgrounds passed, the number of entertainers interested in performing and the number of events to be hosted grew and grew. The main stage, under the Great Canopy, became the first permanent installation, soon followed by the Spring Canopy and the Fall Canopy stages hosting lesser acts and smaller events. The Summer Canopy is used specifically for judging events and award ceremonies for the various competitions held throughout the year. The Spring Canopy is well known for hosting regular all-ages shows specifically catering to families and children. The Fairgrounds is significant enough that acts will develop and premiere material for the venue and then take their acts on the local circuit returning to the Fairgrounds throughout the year. 

  • Cole Brightbrew, 48, male Human is a puppeteer and illusionist. He is lanky and has a winning smile. His fawn brown eyes are bright and eager, and his straw brown hair is straight. Cole wears loose-fitting clothing and an apron that has pockets for tools. He has special outfits for performing that help him blend into the background. Cole carries a pair of daggers that he knows how to use. 

  • Cole is a traveling puppeteer. On festival days, he has a slot reserved under the Spring Canopy for his all-ages puppet show. He has a cart that carries the box for the show. It also has all his tools and fabric for creating puppets. Cole's usual routine is to create one show per festival season. His debut starts at the First Bud spring festival. He then performs that show at various towns along the circuit. After the festival, he works on the next show and carves whatever new puppets he needs for the new show. His wife, Susana, 43, female Human, sews all the puppets' clothing. She has a side business of creating clothing for little dolls.  

  • Cole and Susana live on the road and don't have a permanent residence. During the festivals, they treat themselves to staying at a moderately priced inn in Fairwell. They don't have any children and never wanted any. They do have a dog, Kiri, who is friendly to everyone unless they move to attack Cole or Susana. 

  • Geography: The TriCounty Fairgrounds sits north of Fairwell. The settlement hugs the highway that leads westward to Berian Manor (#145) and beyond to Lake Loloto Pogisa. The Fairgrounds are built around the Great Canopy in the center. It is divided into 4 quadrants matching the seasons. To the south is the main entrance, the Winter Gate, along with parking, ticket booths, offices and dormitories for staff and some entertainers. The Grand Avenue, lined with rows of booths for vendors of all sorts, connects the Gate to the Great Canopy. To the west is the Spring Canopy and outdoor stages and seating for events. Beyond the Summer Canopy to the north are the competition fields, tents and stalls for all manner of athletic and crafting events. And to the east is the Fall Canopy and additional stages and seating. 

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