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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #355

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #355 

December 23rd, 2023 

  • Number: 355 

  • Name:  Deep Dive of a Site and Persons Therein of of Interest: TriCounty Fairgrounds – Part 5 

  • Location: Corner of Counties Berian, Claid and Ulste in the City-State of Noldrune 

  • Population (approx.): 275 (Fair staff), 511 (Village of Fairwell) 

  • Brief: In the ancient history of the Houses of the North, First Frost announced the arrival of the fierce winds and snows of winter. Harvests were complete, hunting and foraging difficult so folk retreated to their storm cellars and survived on foods preserved, dried and brewed during autumn. Dark quiet nights playing games of skill and chance, reading or listening to the tales and songs of skalds and bards. The Winter Games of the north, in the present day, have shed most of the outdoor aspects due to the warmer climate of the City-States and are now focused on both indoor games and cooking contests for brewing, baking and preserving traditional winter delights. Many of the competitors in the Fall Games, especially the crafting-oriented events, also participate through the winter. The Spring and Fall Canopies host these usually smaller contests while the Grand Canopy hosts traditional and somewhat more popular winter festival entertainment of plays, musicals and concerts. 

  • Tydam (Ty) Trollboot, 125, male Dwarf, is a brewer of fine ales. He is short and plump. He wears his long dark hair in a bun and braids his beard for neatness. Ty has charcoal-gray eyes and a charming smile. He thinks carefully before he speaks. Ty wears leather pants and a loose-fitting top. Over this outfit, he wears a large apron while he brews his ales.  

  • Ty's father was a master brewer and taught him the tricks of their trade. Both father and son have made beer and ale, but once they discovered the candy root herb, the business focused solely on it. The herb only grows in the fall and needs to go through several steps to process it once harvested. The candy root herb provides their winter ale with a special kick that most people like. Ty and his father have a booth at the Fourth Bud festival that sells out quickly. They also sell their traditional ales at the Inns and Taverns of Fairwell. 

  • Ty lives with his brother, Dalnar, 115, Dwarf, the mayor's aide for Fairwell town. They live in a lovely house near the middle of town. Ty brews with his father in the back half of the house. The two brothers love Syl Blueshard's meat pies and have them twice a week at the Chunky Boar Inn or the Fairgrounds. Ty loves to go fishing and takes one week a year off to take his father to a nice local pond where the fish are biting. 

  • Geography: Ty and Dalnar’s home and brewery Trolboot Ales and Stouts (location 4 see below) and be found in the center of Fairwell near one of their main customers, the Blue Stars Tavern (location 3). Being fans of Syl’s meat pieces, Ty has wheeled and dealt to slowly move his Fairgrounds booth to its current location across the main avenue from Syl’s booth. 

  • Key to Fairwell: 

  1. Chunky Boar Inn (#354) 
  2. Mad Pony Stables and Courier (#353) 
  3. Blue Stars Tavern (#353) 
  4. Trolboot Ales and Stouts (#355) 

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