Thursday, December 28, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #358

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #358 

December 28th, 2023 

  • Number: 358 

  • Name:  Deep Dive of Four Places of Interest: Starting Points – Part 3 

  • Location:  Highland, City-State of Noldrune

  • Population (approx.): 478 (Highland and surrounds) 

  • Brief: The region of the four City-States is a cultural crossroads mixing the Houses of Noldrune of the north, the Cean Peoples from the east and the Tribes of Taodeas of the south shaking off the thin veneer of the Ta’arnan Empire applied during the invasion millennia ago. When the Cean exodus reached the shores, many stayed on the east coast and slowly migrated westward. One group of Dragonborn found their way to the northern Tuton Maug in search of Dragons rumored to live in the highest hills. It is unknown whether they found what they sought, but the Kin spread across the hills forming small lairs (communities). One such lair sits on a hillside next to the small town of Highland. The Dragonborn were a quiet part of Highland until an incident led to a Knight of the Night taking a dominating behind the scenes role in maintaining law and order on the quiet streets. 

  • Nacek Kogwen, 35, female Dragonborn, is an anti-paladin who serves the Cean Diety Aru (God of Night and Darkness). She is tall and heavyset. Her scales are the color of fire, but her breath weapon is electricity. Her eyes are dark like coal and set high above her snout. She is attractive, but her aura radiates vileness. Nacek wears clothes tailored to her size, so her dress is always on point. She carries a broadsword named Seethe, a gift from her mentor, Kricel Yorroth, 76, male Dragonborn. 

  • Nacek spent her first ten years as a thief in the alleys of Highland. Her family was large, and not everyone got to eat every day. Shortly after her tenth birthday, her sister, Ink, was killed by a local gang for not providing protection money. Nacek vowed revenge and took out the entire gang with elaborate traps and plain old killing. Kricel watched her complete this horrible task and took her as an apprentice. From that day forward, Nacek has committed many atrocious acts in the name of maintaining peace in Highland. 

  • Nacek lives in a small mansion with Kricel, part of the local Dragonkin lair, near Highland. Their staff consists of many slaves. An altar to Aru is in the basement, and some observant townspeople bring sacrifices of small animals and money. Nacek has three children: Oltith, 15, Arok, 10, and Olmunk, 5, by three different males. Her best friend is Prosten Bazire, 28, male Dragonborn, who runs the mansion for Kricel and Nacek. 

  • Threads: Highland sits in rugged terrain outside of the effective southern border of County Minneh. Being outside of regularly patrolled lands brings opportunities for young adventurers including but not limited to: 

  • Escorting merchants headed west to Foothills Market 

  • Joining an adventure into the tunnels below the Floodlands 

  • Exploring beyond Highland into the unmapped Tuton Maug following rumor of lesser Drakes and other flying monsters 

  • For those of the applicable association, learning why the Shadow Guilds have been unable to gain a foothold in Highland for a quarter of a century. 

  • Traveling with or as an envoy of the Church of Poul to see if the followers of Aru are willing to discuss the similarities or differences between their churches. 

  • Geography: Highland sits on a hilltop on the northern border of the Tuton Maug. The town is about 120 miles south of the main coastal highway, roughly halfway between Foothills Market (#76) to the west and the Floodlands (#41) to the east. Highland is a dense cluster of buildings surrounding a large central hall, enclosed by a stone and wood palisade. The main gate faces north, a trail departing northeastward into the farmlands. The Dragonkin Lair is a similar but smaller enclosed cluster of buildings about Nacek’s mansion a short walk to the south connected by a path from Highland’s postern gate. 

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