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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #315

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #315 

November 12th, 2023 

  • Number: 315 

  • Name: Deep Dive on an Area of Interest:  The Journey to Rest – Part 7 

  • Location: Along the Segnem River between the Ulu Maug and the Danthas River in the Wastelands 

  • Population (approx.): 1 (The Whispering Grove of the Ulu Maug) 

  • Brief: The quest, now doubled in number, crosses the Segnem River and heads southward toward the Whispering Grove. Garrett observes to all, “He was always fond of that place. No one else was. There are places in there where shadows consume what little light reaches the ground.” Heading south, they parallel the Segnem River’s course, climbing and descending the rolling hills of the Ulu Maug. After half a day, nearing time for rest and a repast, they reach the northern border of the hills that encircle the grove. A narrow trail between two hills is marked with fresh heavy tracks of shuffling feet. Garrett frowns, looking at the treetops barely visible above the peal of the trail, “He … it …. is in there.” He shudders, memories of his brother flood his thoughts. 

  • Terrell Macadams, Undead Master of Weedthralls, is the former youngest son in the Macadam’s current generation. He is tall and has barely any skin and bones. His face looks normal from a distance, but it is evident he's not alive up close. He wears dark clothes, a cape, and a large dark gray hooded cowl. Terrell carries the maple staff that he had when he was living. The staff has various runes and radiates necromantic power. 

  • In life, Terrell was the baby of the Macadams family. Everyone got along, and he adored his brother and sister. By his teen years, something changed. Terrell became interested in necromancy, and as the years passed, his power grew. Terrell learned the secret of "living beyond the grave" just before his death. Now, his plans thwarted, Terrell has retreated to the Whispering Grove to raise himself an army. 

  • Terrell used to explore the Whispering Grove as a student of necromancy. The woods teemed with small creatures, the dead were plentiful, and the trees always seemed to talk to him. Now, he hopes to use the whispers to bring to him both living and dead creatures and turn them into his army. In the woods is a cave that he used in life for his meditations and alchemical practices. The cave now becomes his home base. One of the first things Terrell does is send two animal messengers to Braden Tung, 47, a male Human and the first person to teach him necromancy: the second Stefan Shadowcaller, 67, a Lich whom Terrell served in life. 

  • Jarod, the Magician, steps to the fore, raising staff and free hand to inscribe whorls of magics in the air. He concentrates as the essence floats over the hills and down across the woods. After a minute, Jarod shakes off the concentration upon the enchantment and reports, “He … It is not alone. There are quite a few minor undead and three powerful presences. One I recognize, the thrall’s master once your brother and two others I do not know. I fear we might be outmatched.” The air behind them brightens as a voice replies, “Then it is fortunate I bring hope to overcome fear.” Garret turns and smiles, seeing his sister, Leslie, and a very tall oddly shaped stranger stepping out of a magical gate. She turns and says, “Let me introduce Inari Limid of Cloudspire, the creator of the Enshrouding Mists. They sensed the gathering darkness feeding off Corruption in the grove and brought me here so we might aid you.” Corbett, ever ready for a fight, smiles and says to all, “Let’s do this thing and put this matter to one final rest.” 

  • Geography: The Whispering Grove (location 6 see below) is a narrow band of dense forest stretching across the Ulu Maug about 20 miles south of Piety Tower (location 5). There are no known settlements beneath the trees and Macadam considered it to be outside of their territorial claims. Cloudspire, the home of Inari Limid (#171), creator of the Enshrouding Mists (location 7 see below, also #32), overlooks the mists from its western edge (northwest of Piety Tower). 

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