Friday, November 24, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #327

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #327 

November 24th, 2023 

  • Number: 327 

  • Name: Deep Dive on an Area of Interest: Diocese of the Taq’Alay’Sut - Part 5 

  • Location: Northeast corner of the City-State of Ceannar 

  • Population (approx.): 8,285 (Parish of Nin) 

  • Brief: Scholars and philosophers have eternally whether nature of Aenwyld defines its component element or whether the properties of the basic and complex elements define Aenwyld. Similarly, non-partisan observers wonder whether Aenwyld and the resident Kin define the Gods or are the Gods echoes of the First Ones and define Aenwyld. Clerics generally accept that there is an exchange rate (as it were) between an individual or congregation's faith and devotion and the power granted by their patron deity to the priest and parish.  

  • In parallel, scholars and scientists have observed and recorded the interactions between core (primal) elements (air erodes earth, earth suffocates air, fire evaporates water, water snuffs fire, day follows night). This opposition extends to the relations between the Churches of the Taq’Alay’Sut and makes maintaining the Aenwyld-based worship of the pantheon a careful dance (witness the collapse of the Ta’arnan Empire when their Churches turned on each other). Each High Priest attempts to maintain their traditional alliances (Air and Water for example), weaken the strength of their traditional enemies (Water vs. Fire) yet maintain their own churches’ power and position and prevent the collapse of the entire pantheon. The current chair of the Hexad Council, Eada Brightwalker of Light, considers all these factors as her term winds to an end and she considers who is likely to follow her. 

  • Kelxin Nurgull, 50, male Dragonborn, is the head cleric for the church of Nin. He is tall and has copper scales all over his body. His face has a long snout and prominent reptilian frills. Kelxin wears leather pants and a chain shirt with a tabard with a flame. He has a unique mace that will cause a fire to heat the metal part, which causes extra damage and may set the target on fire. 

  • Kelxin was a bully as a child. His parents were strict with him and his brother, Dalkis, 45, Dragonborn. In his late teens, he got in trouble with the law and, while in prison, met a charismatic Dragonborn, Yoxil Balxax. Yoxil convinced him to give his life to Nin and serve other Dragonborns. Kelxin did this and managed to find the flame of Nin. Kelxin has an inner drive to convert all people to worship Nin through whatever means necessary.  

  • Kelxin lives in a small cave near the temple. He is married to Aldoth Xarvull, 54, male Dragonborn. Aldoth works as a weaponsmith and will have Kelxin place a blessing on a weapon for a small fee. Kelxin and Aldoth adopted two orphans three years ago. The children are Vistan, boy ten, and Kelphon, girl 8. Both are Dragonborn.  

  • Kelxin is friends with Eada Brightwalker, a cleric of Light. The two of them will talk about philosophy and he wishes to bring their two religions closer together. Kelxin despises Zinna Flowerbreeze, the Chaplain (2nd of that church) of water. He is actively working on recruiting Uma’s followers (a difficult task given opposing natures tend to reflect in who worshippers worship) and has decided that overt acts of aggression (a strong option) are warranted. 

  • Geography: The Parish of Nin is bordered on the south by the highway to the port of East’Arbor (location 1) and on the north by the Parish of Qha (location 7). It is southwest of the Hall of the Taq’Alay’Sut (location 3). Its capital (location 7 see below) is a circular industrial complex full of firepits, ovens and forges in the center of a dry area of flatlands. The Parish of Nin covers just over 400 square miles of grasslands and rough hills, dustier and sparser than the surrounding lands, perhaps reflecting Nin’s dominion over this Parish all these years. 

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