Thursday, November 9, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #312

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #312 

November 9th, 2023 

  • Number: 312 

  • Name: Deep Dive on an Area of Interest:  The Journey to Rest – Part 4 

  • Location: Along the Segnem River between the Ulu Maug and the Danthas River in the Wastelands 

  • Population (approx.): 1 (Macadam Memorial) 

  • Brief: A new day dawned and the trio; Garret, Jarod and Rocky, departed the latter's cave and continued south along the river. They kept a wary eye to the waters but spotted no vine-encrusted corpses drifting downstream with the current. After a half day’s walk, the fog wall of the Enshrouding Mists comes into view. The group is about to turn east to skirt the border when Garret, ever sharp-eyed, spots a familiar red shape in the air above the mist. They pick up their pace and follow a large cardinal into the boundary of the cloaked region. The day is nearing its end when the familiar three-pillared centerpiece of the Macadam family cemetery, the Memorial, comes into view. Standing at the edge, cardinal on shoulder and lantern in hand, is the caretaker, Luro Angelsong. 

  • Luro Angelsong, 467, is a male Elf, a retainer for the Macadam family. He is tall and gaunt with graying silver hair. His lavender eyes are kind, and his demeanor is respectful. Luro wears black form-fitting pants and crisp white shirts. He wears colorful bow ties that have often cheered the Macadam's family members. Luro has never been called to use a weapon but keeps several small daggers on his person for emergencies. He is rarely seen without his companion cardinal, Melody, on his shoulder. 

  • Luro comes from a long line of caretakers for royal families. He took over handling the Macadam family affairs when he was just a hundred eighteen. He did many duties for the family, but since they have come on hard times, he primarily acts as a guardian of the cemetery. Luro has become more than a servant to Garett and the family. Garett considers him a friend and confidant. 

  • Luro, when not at the cemetery, lives near wherever Garett currently lives. He used to have a wife, Valana, Elf, who passed away many years ago. Together, they had many children and lots of grandchildren. On his once-a-year vacation to Aai Lau (#21), Luro will visit his family and spend lots of time fishing, laughing, and telling old stories. When Luro has time off, he reads and keeps a journal. 

  • Luro bows deeply, “Lord Macadam, welcome. Given the happenings here of the past couple of days, it is not unexpected that you are here.” He gestures for the trio to sit with him on the benches that encircle the cemetery, and he relates a terrifying series of events. In the dark of night, the earth rumbled and tossed about Terrell’s grave then a figure rose up from the ground. It was dark, misshapen but wrapped in a lurid green glow. But before it could act, the vapors of the Enshrouding Mists thickened and drove the thing into the Segnem River. The waters swirled and bubbled but the Mists could not affect the thing under the surface. In the morning, Luro was horrified to find Terrell’s grave empty. Then, worse still, the next night other graves of Terrell’s close companions erupted and again the green limned corpses staggered to the river chased by the fog. The trio set a watch but this night the cemetery is quiet, and, in the morning, they inspect the river but find no sign of Terrell’s body or that of his companions. Garett thinks out loud, “He sent his companions to delay or slay us, so he must have headed upstream. Likely to the castle. We must not delay.” They thanked Luro for his hospitality and stewardship of the site and continued south along the river. 

  • Geography: The Macadam Memorial and cemetery (location 3 see below) can be found at the eastern edge of the Enshrouding Mists (#32), predating the appearance of the fogs by several hundred years. The cemetery features a central stone structure with three large pillars (one each for the opposing pairs of the Six Gods such as day and night) raising a triangular plinth over a large stone mosaic. The graves of the Macadams are arranged in concentric circles about the Memorial, separated by circular walkways. Six paths radiate out from the center, connecting the walkways. Benches, next to the paths, dot the outer row of graves. Terrell and his rebellious relatives and companions, slain and buried but five years ago, were interred along the outermost ring. Luro is slowly working to restore the grounds and refill the now empty graves. 

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