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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #317

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #317 

November 14th, 2023 

  • Number: 317 

  • Name: Deep Dive on an Area of Interest: Knights of the Borderlands – Part 2 

  • Location:  Northwest corner of County Macad in the City-State of Noldrune 

  • Population (approx.): 1922 (Narrowcreek Manor and surrounding tenants) 

  • Brief: The people of County Macad and the City-State of Noldrune, as a whole, are an interesting mix of populations. The bulk of the people migrated from north of the Narrows several millennia ago. A second smaller wave arrived with the exodus of the Ceannar Peoples from the east across the Hethichol Sea and finally, the invasion by the Ta’arnan Empire from the south brought a third smaller still wave to the area. All three mingled with Kin present in the region since before the days of historical records. House Macad’s founding bloodlines are of the north, but the House’s formation is deeply rooted in the military tradition of the Ta’arnan Legions. Many Knights were awarded titles and lands for their skills in battle, potential or realized. One notable line of warriors is the wizards of warfare of Narrowcreek Manor, in service to Macad since its founding five centuries ago. 

  • Damosel Jokalynn (Lynn) Lightsinger, Lady of Narrowcreek Manor, 340, female Elf, leads the Battlemage cohort for Narrowcreek Manor. She is petite and wafer-thin. Her golden hair is short and spiky. Lynn has moss-green eyes and a disarming smile. She wears linen pants and a top covered with runes of protection. Her staff is birch and has an amethyst on top enclosed in gold. Lynn is brave, considerate, and a great leader. 

  • Lynn grew up in Narrowcreek Manor, where her father led the battlemage cohort before her. She is more potent than her father and is looking for new ways to enhance her power. Besides the cohort, Lynn sponsors a small information network for the area. Her friend, Enra Tiphi, 258, male Elf, runs the network and brings her fresh information throughout the day. Enra keeps in contact with the other manors in the area and uses the information to plot the best course for the future of their manor. Information of note is also passed to the NSS as required. 

  • Lynn is married to Quinris Lightsinger, 350, male Elf, and they are grandparents many times over. Some of her grandchildren are part of the cohort, and others work for the information network. Lynn and Quinris rarely see each other during the week with their busy schedules. Sunday night has become family night, and all the Lightsinger family members and their significant others gather in the manor and catch up on what is happening in the family. 

  • Geography: Narrowcreek Manor (location 1 see below) is located in the northeast corner of the Borderlands. The titular creek rises in the Tuton Maug Spur to the north and flows southeastward to join the Florum River which empties into Red Water Bay. The Manor controls over 200 square miles and collects tithes from the population, a mix of farmers, loggers, miners and the connected merchants and traders. Damosel Lightsinger is on good terms with Viscount Ember and nearby Knights and Lords as her cohort is powerful but only used in support of the County and City-State. 

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