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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #319

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #319 

November 16th, 2023 

  • Number: 319 

  • Name: Deep Dive on an Area of Interest: Knights of the Borderlands - Part 4 

  • Location: Northwest corner of County Macad in the City-State of Noldrune 

  • Population (approx.): 1738 (Stormview Estate and surrounding tenants) 

  • Brief: The western edge and the northwest corner of County Macad acquired the nickname “the Interior Frontier” soon after the Counties of Noldrune were organized and initial borders drawn. The hills of the Tuton Maug and the eastern spur were attractive to enemies “of the state” both humanoid and otherwise. Smugglers and bandits were common foes encountered in the west particularly along Smuggler’s Way. Viscount Ember’s predecessors sought to build a “wall of swords” to keep the bandits away from the riches of the lowlands south and east. To that end, they built an estate atop Stormview, a northern hilltop, and awarded the lands to a quite able, wide-ranging and loyal tribe of Centaurs who have watched the Interior Frontier ever since. 

  • Lady Vedet Yewborne, Lady of Stormview Estate, 23, female Centaur, is an archer who leads the cohort of Centaurs. She is tall, well over six feet. The horse's part of her anatomy is chestnut-colored with a dark brown tail. Her human face is lovely, with matching chestnut hair she wears in pigtails. Her china-blue eyes are gentle pools of liquid, which are easy to get lost in. Vedet enjoys wearing frilly things and is an expert on makeup and apparel. Her favorite weapon is a bow made of hickory that has a magical bonus to precision. She is also a skilled fletcher. 

  • Vedet's route to Knighthood came from several noble deeds she performed over several years. At age ten, she rescued a baby that had fallen into the river. As an eighteen-year-old, she rushed into a burning building and saved a family. Two years ago, she diplomatically stopped a skirmish from happening between forces of County Tolland and County Macad. Vedet takes her new role as a leader seriously. She runs drills during the week and requires everyone in her cohort to know how to make arrows.  

  • Vedet lives in Stormview Estate, a large hilltop manor designed especially for centaurs. She is dating Khokin Elmcrest, male Centaur 25, a famous sculptor. He lives in a pasture nearby, and they spend most evenings together. Vedet is best friends with Olivia Cliffstriker, who is 20 and Human. The two love to gallop on the local trails and are also part of a reading group. 

  • Geography: Stormview Estate (location 3 see below) is 25 miles west of Peace Blossom Manor (location 2) on the southern slopes of the Tuton Maug Spur. It was built upon and dug into a hilltop with a commanding view of the southern slopes and northern hills of the Spur. The Centaur tribe lives in a village just below the Estate. Tenant farms and ranches dot the lands throughout the 300 square miles of the manor. Roads lead east to Peace Blossom and south to Gracewood Chateau and Homestead Mansion. The cohort regularly patrols to the west as far as Smuggler’s Way (#5) and has engaged local ne'er-do-wells including members of the Baron’s Bastards (#123). 

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