Sunday, March 5, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #64

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #64 

Mar 5th 2023 

  • Number: 64 

  • Name: The Lost Coast 

  • Location: Northwest corner of the Wastelands west of the Afale Maug 

  • Population (approx.): None living but undead and strange magical phenomena have been encountered. 

  • Brief: During the fall of the Ta’arnan Empire, the Churches of Earth and Water organized a retreat of their allied forces to the two peninsulas northwest of the Afale Maug (see #29). Organized Legion remnants and other military forces pursued, raiding caravans and driving refugees back south or east toward the aggressive and soon to be independent Taodean Tribes. The combat priests and paladins were stretched thin trying to defend both the coastal path and the Matui River pass around the Afale Maug A decision was made, and a pair of great rituals were conducted. Earth wardens raised a great berm of rock and soil between the sea and the foothills. Water bearers summoned the ocean to inundate the lands south of the berm. A great tidal wave scoured the land, crushing abandoned settlements and enemy troops, pushing the debris miles inland into the Afale Maug foothills. Eventually the ocean returned to its home, leaving a wide-open space infertile to most flora, but the magic remained, and it was hostile to any future intruders. It is now known as the Lost Coast for the sacrifice of good earth and water to the cause. 

  • Geography: The Lost Coast is a broken expanse of dried mud flats mixed with stagnant pools of salt water. Very little grows except for stunted flora tolerant of the watery mix of salt and magic. It extends inland from the ocean anywhere from 25 to 50 miles (38 to 75 km) and covers the coast from the border of the Church-State of Earth and Water (#29) about 60 miles (90 km) south. The eastern border, against the foothills of the Afale Maug, is a line of displaced rubble and debris, now mixed with scrub and brush, perhaps 2 miles wide. The Lost Coast appears benign, but the landscape is hostile to any trespassers not aligned with the Church-State to the north.  


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