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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #66

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #66 

Mar 7th 023 

  • Number: 66 

  • Name: Old Ghost Lake 

  • Location: Southern Lanu Maug 

  • Population (approx.): None known 

  • Brief: The centuries of death and destruction throughout the four City-States left many dead. Due to the violent and/or sorcerous nature of their deaths, many souls remained trapped on Aenwyld as lost souls drifting across the countryside. For some reason, perhaps due to its purity or sense of peace, many drifted into the Lanu Maug and arrived at a quiet mountain lake. Stories from hunters and trappers drifted down the hills to settlements, telling of the waters where old ghosts gathered. Rumor suggests that some ghosts wait for lost loves or companions before they crossover while others can go to their rest if they encounter a distant relative. But, given their nature, most avoid the ghosts about the lake, not seeing the beautiful sight of their faint phosphorescent glow reflecting of the mountain waters. 

  • Geography: In the southern hills of the Lanu Maug range, just over the notional border with Taodeas, is Old Ghost Lake. Fed by snowmelt and spring rains, it is the main source of the Matui River flowing west toward Taop Bay. Aside from animals, the only inhabitants are a hunter or two, who for whatever reason are not afraid of the local undead, or priests and scholars who visit specifically to commune with or question the resident ghosts. 

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