Friday, August 11, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #222

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #222 

August 11th, 2023 

  • Number: 222 

  • Name:  Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: Along the Trave-Inari Highway - Part 5 

  • Location: Across the plains of Ceannar connecting the towns of Reston and Southport 

  • Population (approx.): 2 

  • Brief: Stretches of the prairie along the Trave-Inari remain rugged and tumbled, not suitable for farming or grazing. To the north of Pembroke Hundred (#221) a weak Ley Line (loosely connected to The Bubbling Flats (#80)) gives rise to a low ridge of short trees and scrub brush several miles long. Nearby an old cottage stands next to a dirt trail that wanders south and west parallel to the ridge before ending at the highway. 

  • Centuries ago, before Ta’arna fell, a rogue group of mages (the self-named Alliance of Rebel Magicians (ARM)) constructed a hidey-hole over 30 feet under the surface, tapping the Ley Line for protection and warding. After the fall of the Ta’arnan Empire and the establishment of the City-State of Ceannar, ARM disbanded. The Magicians Guild keeps an eye on the site, occasionally posting older members there as caretakers. 

  • Flyntran Whisperrabit, 230, Halfling, is a quite eccentric mage near the end of his career. He is short, thin, and has a knobby nose. His bald head is shiny from a gel he uses daily. Flyntran wears cloth pants and a tight shirt, usually in his favorite color of deep sky blue. He has a birch staff that gives him a magical boost when needed. 

  • Flyntran was assigned as caretaker several years ago and lives in the house near the Ley Line and acts as a deterrent vs. any but those that belong there. He greets all those on the highway and tries to scare them off by creating frogs or changing the wind currents. He also forgets or mixes spells with other spells, and hilarity ensues. The local Magicians Guild chantry in Reston is concerned that Flyntran may accidentally hurt one of the locals, but he is a lovable old coot, so they keep him happy. 

  • Flyntran lives with an old dog, Xabu. They take care of one another. Flyntran's great-grandchildren come by and visit him on the weekends. One grandchild, Marne, 120, brings her daughter, Bremia, 70, and they have picnics and listen to Flyntran's stories. It's a peaceful, if kooky, life for Flyntran, and they wouldn't have it any other way. 

  • Geography: Flyntran’s hut is on a narrow trail about 4 miles a touch north of east from the Trave-Inari Highway. Although designed to look shabby, his small cottage is very well constructed, warded and quite conformable. The previous caretakers in their copious free time created and installed animated constructs to assist with cooking, cleaning, walking Xabu and watching the surrounding land. An emergency feature, triggered by any detected severe illness or injury to Flyntran, causes mechanical legs to activate and lift the entire cottage into the air and then walk it along the highway to Reston. 

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