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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #190

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #190 

July 9th, 2023 

  • Number: 190 

  • Name: Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: Lake Natia Vai of Taodeas Part 1

  • Location: Central Tuton Maug mountains 

  • Population (approx.): 300-500 across the various sites about the lake 

  • Brief: The Earthblood Flow Ley Line continues underneath Taodeas eastward from the Crack in the World (#19) to the Sea of Hethichol. As it passes under the Tuton Maug, in the distant past, the aether interacted with local magma to form a volcano on the surface above. Thousands of years ago the volcano erupted, and the caldera collapsed upon itself. The hollow began to fill with water each passing season creating Lake Natia Vai, the hidden waters known to only a few and accessible to fewer still. There are number of points of interest summarized herein and described in detail over briefs to follow: 

  • Clan Earthmule mine – Southernmost Clan of the three Dwarven Cantons of Tuton Maug (#161), the Earthmules have carefully explored the unusual nature of Natia Vai for centuries. They are particularly interested in the Spire of the Ancients 

  • Dragonette caves – In the depths of the island, that was pushed above the surface of Natia Vai years ago, is a warren of caves that is home to a “Flight” of small, winged fire-breathing miniature dragons. They hunt creatures of the underdark as well as fish in the lake. 

  • Secret resort – Years ago scouts of the Danthas Tribe (#156) discovered an area of hot springs on the slopes of Natia Vai. The steam and hot pools are reputed to have healing properties. Elders of the tribe built a resort in secret, which can only be reached by magician or flying craft. 

  • Spire of the Ancients – Thousands of years ago, before the forming of Natia Vai, the Earthblood Flow intersected with a rising magma bubble. The resulting eruption thrust a great spire of rock into the air. The Spire, about which the lake later formed, is the remains of that tower, worn by weather and time. 

  • West rim airbase – after the discovery of the springs at Natia Vai, the Danthas secretly requested that the High Plains Drifters (#91) guard the site. They agreed for certain considerations including building their own base to the west. 

  • Wosen altar – Centuries ago a Wildfolk (#126 and #161) druid undertook an epic quest to Natia Vai and was rewarded by the Gods of Fire and Water with a dragonette companion. In return the Wosen built an altar to these seemingly opposing Gods on the slopes of the mountain. Many young priest, druid or magician have ascended the heights and entered the tunnels of the Natia Vai in the hopes of befriending the creatures therein.  

  • Geography: Lake Natia Vai sits in the heights of the Tuton Maug about 7,000 feet above sea level. It is approximately 5 miles west to east (almost directly above the Earthblood Flow in the depths below) and a mile across. The waters are at least 1,500 feet deep at some points. 

  • Clan Earthmule mine – the mine can be found along the north slope of the mountain below the rim of the lake. 

  • Dragonette caves – a single large island about a half-mile in diameter, rising 700 feet in the air, sits on the southeast corner of the lake. The miniature dragons live in a series of caves in the depths. 

  • Secret resort – the resort and its hot springs can be found on the south slope of the mountain toward the west end. 

  • Spire of the Ancients - the spire, rising 400 feet above the surface of the water, can be found in the northwest corner of the lake. 

  • West rim airbase – the High Plains Drifters established a small base on the west side of the lake to survey the site and guard the resort for the Danthas Tribe. 

  • Wosen altar – the Wildfolk’s holy site is on the eastern rim of the lake with a view of the island of the Dragonettes. 

  • Next Article: Notable persons and sites of the Arc part 2

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