Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #185

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #185 

July 4th, 2023 

  • Number: 185 

  • Name: Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: Buccaneer's Arc of Ceannar Part 3: Atigi Laumei 

  • Location: Northwest Ceannar between Staplefish Bay and Lesser Staplefish Bay (aka Lapit Bay) 

  • Population (approx.): 150-250 WIldfolk but estimates vary 

  • Brief: Thousands of years ago, before the arrival of the Noldrune Houses from the north and the Ceannar People from the east, isolated tribes of various Kin were scattered across the Narrows. Buccaneer’s Arc was home to a small tribe of Wildfolk fisherfolk and hunter-gatherers. They tell an old tale that two hunters uncovered the mouth to the great cave. Entering they found and accidentally awakened the hungry “God-head in the Great Cave.” It snapped up one of the hunters right away and chased the other extending its great head out into the sunlight. The God-head was startled, blinked and withdrew. It lured or summoned the hunter and others of their Kin to the cave, where it promised protection and riches in exchange for food (lots of fish, fruit and captured pirates) and worship (it was fond of song). The Wildfolk agreed and renamed themselves the Laugata (“Turtlefolk”) for their God’s head resembled the large tortoises of the islands and his bounty included pieces of nigh indestructible turtle shell unearthed, as directed, all over the hillside. The Wildfolk prospered when their God was happy. But if he hungered or was ignored, great earthquakes shook the island, throwing the people to their knees.  

  • Geography: Atigi Laumei (“Turtle Shell”) isle is about 4 miles long and almost a mile wide. It is covered with dense trees and foliage. The eastern half is mostly flat, but the western end is a huge dome-shaped hill about 500 feet high and more than a half-mile across. The Great Cave of the God-head is on the north shore at the base of the hill, but not visible from the sea. The village of the Laugata (“Turtlefolk”) is against the eastern base of the hill in the center of the island. The huts are mostly made of wood and stone, but many roofs and some walls are pieces of shell gifted to them by their God. Shell also serves as shields, bowls, platters and armor. Broken pieces as blades, spear heads and arrow points. Unbeknownst to all, but perhaps the secretive Keepers, their God-head, the Great Cave and the entire hill are all one vast ancient creature of aether either bound to the area or simply too old or infirm to move. 

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