Thursday, July 6, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #187

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #187 

July 6th, 2023 

  • Number: 187 

  • Name: Deep Dive on a Ship of Interest: Buccaneer's Arc of Ceannar Part 5: “The Greedy Abandoned” 

  • Location: Northwest Ceannar between Staplefish Bay and Lesser Staplefish Bay (aka Lapit Bay) 

  • Population (approx.): Crew of 80 to 90 plus another 40 ashore 

  • Brief: The Council of Captains currently consists of the five strongest ships, by reputation of Captain, skill of crew and history of raids and battle, of the pirates of Buccaneer’s Arc. Captain Harmor Divingham of the ship “The Greedy Abandoned” has had a seat at the Council table for close to a decade. 

  • Oghad, 34, Half-Orc, is the Navigator for Captain Divingham aboard “The Greedy Abandoned.” He is tall, heavily muscular, and wears glasses when reading his star charts. Oghad wears various armor pieces he has looted from his time as a pirate. He wields a sizable axe and has a bandolier that holds several throwing axes. 

  • He learned to be a Navigator by studying books that Harmor brought on board. It took a while, but he is now quite skilled. He loves looking at the constellations in the sky and dreams of finding a place to settle down one day. 

  • Oghad and the core veteran crew of “The Greedy Abandoned” were a gang of orphans, nicknamed Fishguts (as locals said the kids weren’t worth a bucket of fish guts) that grew up together in the Little Wanderers' Orphanage of Lanumouth (#38). That place was atrocious and mistreated them all. 

  • One day, the eldest among them, Harmor Divingham, who had aged out of the orphanage several years ago, returned and staged a breakout to rescue his gang, putting the building to the torch. He brought them upon the pirate ship on which he served. They renamed the vessel “The Greedy Abandoned” once Harmor fought and sailed his way to becoming captain, his gang, including Oghad, at his side.  

  • Geography: “The Greedy Abandoned” is a large wallowing ex-merchant ship filled to the brim with angry once-orphaned pirates of all ages. The crew makes up for lack of skill with pure viciousness, tenacity, and a drive to reclaim what the pirates feel is rightly theirs (being any loot they can get their hands on). Captain Divingham prefers to raid land-based targets, especially any settlements with orphanages (potential recruits!) or where it is rumored, no matter how thinly, that children are mistreated (revenge served cold daily). Most of the older crew still hold a burning desire to return to and try to sack Lanumouth. 

  • Oghad and Divingham keep their ship at an unnamed cove (nicknamed Orphanport) east of Rumport where they have cobbled together housing that resembles an oversized treehouse surrounded by a wooden palisade. Rescued orphans who cannot sail (whether too young or infirm) remain at the cove and help by fishing, gathering, and repairing the ship when present. 

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