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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #147

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #147 

May 27th, 2023 

  • Number: 147 

  • Name: Other Counts and Viscounts of note in Noldrune 

  • Location:  Varies, see below 

  • Population (approx.): Varies, see below 

  • Brief:  

  • Count Tolland – One of the second tier Counts of Noldrune (Claid and Macad being the first tier), Tolland finds themselves in a constant tug of war between the surrounding factions (Claid, Macad, Ceannar and even traditionalists of Noldrune). The Count plays a very careful game of political chess to keep everyone happy or at least not unhappy. Fortunately having the favored haunt of nobles, Lanumouth (#38), with his borders gives him ample opportunity to curry favor with the surrounding factions. 

  • Count Ulste – Also of the second tier, Count Ulste rules a swath of farmlands about one of the main arteries of the City-State. His most important duty is maintaining the border with the Tribes of Taodeas to the south. The Count certainly does not want to repeat the folly of House Haldwen (#6) centuries ago, but at the present day his military forces, backed by Berian pike and Claid archers, are sufficient to keep the plains riders at bay. 

  • Viscountess Delacor – Part of House Claid, the Viscountess’ lands are technically part of the City-State of Carasta. She continues to serve Claid as best she can. 

  • Viscountess Pembroke – Also part of House Claid, the Viscountess rules a pastoral area of farms in and about the hills of the Tuton Maug. 

  • Geography: 

  • County Tolland – Eastern Noldrune with County Minneh to the west, Staplefish Bay and County Noldrune to the north, City-State of Ceannar to the east and County Macad to the south. Includes the Lanumag River and borders Lapit Bay. Tolland Keep (population: 1,750 keep and nearby town) is midway along the Lanumag River. 

  • County Ulste – Southern Noldrune with Count Berian to the west, County Claid to the north, the Tuton Maug to the east and the City-State of Taodeas to the south. Ulste Castle (population 2,100 castle and surrounding town) is on a hill just east of the main north-south highway between Claid and Taodeas. 

  • Viscounty Delacor (#108) - Western border of County Claid along the Noldrune river, the land is technically within the City-State of Carasta but owes fealty to Claid. 

  • Viscounty Pembroke (#112) - Southeast corner of County Claid in the foothills of the Tuton Maug. 

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