Monday, May 15, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #135

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #135 

May 15th, 2023 

  • Number: 135 

  • Name: City of Pools 

  • Location: Coast of Taop Bay within the Church-State of Earth and Water 

  • Population (approx.): 4,100 

  • Brief: Afal Stream begins at a natural spring in the Afale Maug hills and winds its way northwest to Taop Bay. The City of Pools, home to the Cathedrals of the Seas, was built astride the stream during the time of the Ta’arnan Empire. The waters of the stream have been detoured and routed through channels and navigable canals into all manner of decorative and creative pools of varying shapes and sizes, some mostly natural and others highly artificial, hence the city’s name. The City of Pools is one of the twin capitals of the Church-State and is dedicated to Vai in all their watery forms. The allied Churches bring together wildly different aspects; liquid and solid, moving and stationary, and more, into a currently cohesive nation.  

  • Geography: The City of Pools is located where the Afal Stream enters Taop Bay. Once a marshy delta, the waters have been drained, channeled and re-routed over the years creating solid islands and outcroppings where the buildings of the city rise over and around the canals and channels holding the revered water. At the center is the great sea blue and mother of pearl colored Cathedral of the Seas surrounded by libraries, residences, offices and halls of the Church-State. Businesses and homes of all sizes cover the adjacent dry land, accessible by numerous bridges and a fleet of long narrow boats, either rowed, towed or pushed by poles. Along the bay a series of breakwaters and dikes protect the City of Pools from storms and storm surges pushing into the bay from the Arvach Ocean to the west. 

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