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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States - Week 16

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States - Week 16

Compiling week 16 of the project, comprised of an additional 7sites, this week site-adjacent/related settlements of the City-State of Noldrune as shown below.

City-State of Noldrune


Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #106 

April 16th, 2023 

  • Number: 106 

  • Name: Crystalview 

  • Location: Western slopes of the Tuton Maug near the Crystalheart Spires 

  • Population (approx.): 630 

  • Brief: Crystalview is a small town of two aspects and ages. The old village, mostly underground, was founded by Dwarves centuries ago to exploit the debris from the event that created the Crystalheart Spires (#7). The new village, mostly on the surface, caters to the curious and the religious who seek to view the peaks. Common to both are a half-dozen shops, whose business is the resale of raw crystals, unusual stones and related crafted items such as jewelry and crystalware. At the east end of the village is a chapel to MalaLoa with a view of the spires. The mining half of Crystalview persists even as the mundane businesses wax and wane with the interest in the mountains. 

  • Geography: Crystalview sits on a slope in the Tuton Maug range about 10 miles west of the Crystalheart Spires (#7) and about 30 miles east of the plains of Noldrune. It can be reached by a narrow road that is generally in good condition but subject to blockage by landslides (due to earthquake or rain) or avalanche during winter. A tricky overland trail connects the village to the Spires. (If one has connections, the Dwarven mining tunnels are an easier walk.) 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #107 

April 17th, 2023 

  • Number: 107 

  • Name: Cloudy Glass Beach aka Northpoint 

  • Location: Northcoast of Noldrune north of the Clearview Glassworks 

  • Population (approx.): 135 (village) and 10-12 visiting glassblowers at any time 

  • Brief: Competiton in business is inevitable thus when word spread of the remarkable works created at Clearview Glassworks (#39), other glassblowers flocked to the area to see what they could beg, borrow or steal. Some of those transient crafters settled in Northpoint, an old fishing village, about 6 miles up the coast. Over the years, the villagers have watched their visitors trying all manner of things to achieve Clearview’s results including mining the surrounding land, sifting the local beaches a hundred times over, various alchemical experimentation with explosive results, and hiring their boats to dredge sand from the ocean floor. More desperate people have tried spying, bribery, attempting to rob outgoing shipments or trying to break into the Glassworks.  

  • Geography: Northpoint is a typical fishing village with a small townhall, a chapel to the Seas, a couple of inns, a general store, stables, other crafters and surrounding residences and farms. The influx of visiting crafters has helped the village through some recent harsh winters. The locals smile at the nickname bestowed upon the village, after the first failed attempts to replicate the successes at Clearview. 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #108 

April 18th, 2023 

  • Number: 108 

  • Name: Wrongbend aka Riverbend 

  • Location: West side of the Noldrune River near Port Lostfort 

  • Population (approx.): 410 (town and surrounds) 

  • Brief: Like Port Lostfort (#2), Riverbend has been subject to the whims of the weather and rise of the Noldrune River. Centuries ago, when Carasta and Noldrune were founded, Riverbend was on the east side of the Noldrune, a Viscounty that was part of that City-State. 121 years ago, during a ferocious spring storm, the river crested well over its banks submerging most of Riverbend. About a week later the water receded and the village found itself on the wrong (west) side of the Noldrune. This left the Lord Mayor, a minor Viscount of House Claid, Rulers of Noldrune, in a bit of a pickle. Inevitable confusion followed regarding culture, allegiances, taxes, status of the Viscounty Guard, support of allied manors on the east side of the river, and access to Noldrune suddenly by river barge instead of road (washed way). The original river bridge now spanned an empty dry wash. The current Viscountess, Elsbeth of House Delacor, carefully works to meet her old obligations to Noldrune and new ones to Carasta. She and other traditionalists long for the old course of the river and rumor suggests priests or magicians have been contacted to see if the river could be moved back whence it came. 

  • Geography: Riverbend can be found where the Noldrune River, about 20 miles east of Port Lostfort, turns from a northly course to a westerly path to Staplefish Bay. The old course of the river passes to the west of the village. Farms and small manors, whose liege is the Viscountess, are scattered across both sides of the village and river. Riverbend Keep sits on the highest point, surrounded by a curtain wall, with numerous businesses on the slopes outside the walls. A newly built second lower flood wall of earth faced with stone encircles Riverbend. 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #109 

April 19th, 2023 

  • Number: 109 

  • Name: Lapit Cove 

  • Location: Coastal town on Lapit Bay nearly on the eastern border of Noldrune  

  • Population (approx.): 720 

  • Brief: With the ascendency of Lanumouth (#38) to a town and destination of note for nobles and the rich, the lesser elements of society were pushed or driven west and east along the coast. Lapit Cove, a small fishing village, grew into a welcome refuge for those expelled by the powers that be. Lapit Cove is a somewhat squalid, boisterous and violent town. All manners of plots against the crown, guilds and others are hatched in the inns, taverns and dens. Given that, there is a sizeable contingent of town guards based in Lapit Cove as well as a “blind” of the NSS dedicated to handling the most imminent or dangerous threats. Others who have been seen in the village or rumored to be passing through include pirate contacts from the Buccaneer’s Arc (#12), Ta’arnan traditionalists of Surecliff (#46) and an agent or two of Ceannar from the south and east. 

  • Geography: Lapit Cove is a small deep-water harbor in a nook between the coast to the west and the Eisleymon Peninsula, a 10-mile-long ridge, just to the east extending north into Lapit Bay. There are no beaches of not, just pebble and rock covered shores. Fishing boats and merchanters pull up onto dry land or tie up to the old wooden docks. The ramshackle buildings, taverns, merchants and tenements, cluster against the ridge of the peninsula, insulated from any storms that make it into the bay. The most solid structures of Lapit Cove are the combined and fortified town hall and guard barracks, and the Sailor’s Guildhall.  



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #110 

April 20th, 2023 

  • Number: 110 

  • Name: Lumberton 

  • Location: Where the Fanlau River empties into Lake Loloto Pogisa 

  • Population (approx.): 940 

  • Brief: Lumberton is the center of southwest Noldrune’s lumber industry. Trees are raised and cut on both sides of the Fanlau river (see #40 regarding somewhat illegal cross-border tree cutting) then floated to catch pools on the south side of the town. From there factories separate the wood types, cut and dress the logs, shipping some via the docks on the lake and passing others to woodworkers, carvers, crafters and carpenters in town. Lumberton celebrates all things wood throughout the year. So far, the various lumber companies have policed themselves with respect to preventing over-cutting and working with local clerics of nature and druids to restore the environment. The major local concern, voiced frequently about the Woodworker’s Guildhall, is whether Taodeas will ever take aggressive action with respect to “south of the river” lumbering. Rumor suggests the Baron is exploring an enhanced relationship with the Dwarves of the Lanu Maug range (see #4 and #53) to prevent such an occurrence. Dwarves of Vaitaus recently visiting Lumberton gives credence to the rumors. 

  • Geography: Lumberton was founded on the South-east corner of Lake Loloto Pogisa where the Fanlau River empties into the lake. The woodworking businesses cover the south half of town against the river. West-side is the docks on the lake proper. The center of Lumberton features the Town Hall (the Lord Mayor is a distance relation of House Claid), Guild Halls and a Church to nature (Water, Earth and Light aspects of the Six). On the east side are the great Caber Fields where the yearly Forest Games are held, featuring all manner of wood and tree related contests of skill, speed and strength. 



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #111 

April 21st, 2023 

  • Number: 111 

  • Name: Outcrop 

  • Location:  Tuton Maug range where the East Spur begins 

  • Population (approx.): 300-400 (varies) 

  • Brief: Ask about the Smuggler’s Way (#5) in Outcrop and you’ll be told there ain’t no such thing (and then the locals will shun you for the rest of your short time in the village). Whether Outcrop is the beginning of Smuggler’s Way or not, the village has little interest in the affairs of Noldrune in general. Outcrop keeps to itself and likes it that way. Established by Dwarves at an old minehead centuries ago, the village sustains itself by a little bit of this (mining, hunting, farming) and that (gambling, smuggling, banditry). Outcrop is small enough that the Royal Houses and the NSS take little interest in the ne’er-do-wells and reprobates who make up the bulk of the village’s population. So, it is a good place to hide and keep to yourself. Outcrop does get its share of unusual visitors such as a resident magician (some say Demonologist) “studying” the underground creatures to the north at the Fanlau Slopes (#40). 

  • Geography: Outcrop sits on the north slope of the beginning of the East Spur of the Tuton Maug range. The village is built both inside and outside of an old Dwarven mine. A stone and wooden palisade, lots of brush and some stunted trees block the view of Outcrop until one is almost at the front gate. Within is a motley collection of buildings serving multiple functions (residence, store, warehouse, tavern) at the same time. The underground tunnels of the mine go for miles in all directions including a well-travelled route that exits about 8 miles southwest on the southern slopes coincidentally near where the Smuggler’s Way begins.  



Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #112 

April 22nd, 2023 

  • Number: 112 

  • Name: Pembroke Manor 

  • Location:  Mundane woods west of Anum Taag in the northwest Tuton Maug 

  • Population (approx.): 2,150 (town and surrounds) 

  • Brief: House Pembroke has held their manor and surrounding lands since Noldrune declared independence from Ta’arna centuries ago. The first Viscountess Pembroke was a well-known warrior in service to House Claid and was awarded the lands west of Anum Taag (#37). The current Viscountess Pembroke has a (some say unhealthy) fascination with perpetuating the Pembroke name for years and years to come. To that end, she has encouraged her many children and grandchildren to seek dalliances hopefully leading to marriage or at least children with the longer-lived local Kin, most preferably with the Elves of Anum Taag. Lady Pembroke has been, what she would say is somewhat, and other say astonishingly, successful having three Half-Elven grandchildren and one very different grandchild who might be Half-Wildfolk or even Half-Faerie but no one can tell, and the Viscountess’ daughter so far has refused to name the father. None of her neighboring fellow Nobles are yet sure whether there is a method to her madness or not. 

  • Geography: Pembroke Manor is a pastoral town in the tree-covered hills between the Noldrune plains to the west and the Tuton Maug range to the east. It is about 25 miles west of Anum Taag. Pembroke’s House lands consist of the town and the surrounding 500 square miles of land, home to five manors of vassal Knights and relatives, as well as farms and two smaller villages.  Aside from the Viscountess’ oddities, the people of Pembroke are generally genial and friendly, and the land is quiet and the farms bountiful.  


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