Monday, January 23, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #23

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #23 

Jan 23th 2023 

  • Number: 23 

  • Name: Deep Mining Station 3A 

  • Location: The Furnace, a site of the Narrow’s Rift Valley somewhat south southwest of Carasta and the coast.  

  • Population (approx.): Unknown due to trade secrets but guessed to be 300-800 

  • Brief:  As the machines of the underearth slowly widen the narrows, rifts and crevasses are created and reveal the depths to the Kin of the surface world. The Dwarven Mining Guild, and associated Guild members, have built a number of mines across the Rift Valley to explore below. Deep Mining Station 3A is one of the largest and most ambitious of the projects. However, the closed mouth Guild says little about what if anything has been found in the underworld except to say the project has “exceeded all expectations.” A number of well armored caravans, both ground and air, departing the site suggests they have found something worth their while. 

  • Geography: Stations 3A and 3B are built into a rift nicknamed the Furnace by the locals. Over 2 miles below the surface is an irregular floor of steam vents and magma pools, both frequently shaken or rippled by earthquakes. Station 3A, now at least several centuries old, features a complex of buildings on the surface including barracks, dormitories, offices, warehouses and a small factory all surrounded by a circular wall with strong defenses. Stairs descend along the inside walls of the Furnace while tunnels were dug into the stone. Galleries extend into the underdark while platforms hover over the magma and vents of the Furnace’s floor. The Rift Valley and the crevasse widen about an inch a year (8 feet a century or 50-100 feet for some of the older Dwarves of the Guild). 

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