Thursday, October 26, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #298

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #298 

October 26th, 2023 

  • Number: 298 

  • Name: Deep Dive on a Site of Interest:  Skyfall – Part 4 

  • Location: Eastern coast of the City-State of Taodeas along the Sea of Hethichol 

  • Population (approx.): 151 (Felka Cove) 

  • Brief: Intrigued. Once Mayor Jilrora finished addressing the crowd, asuaging fears and promising investigation, most of the crowd filtered away back to their homes. Some of the young plotted fantastic plans for adventures on the island never to be executed due to responsibilities or the influence of cooler or older heads. Some of the old complained among themselves about all manner of peril and danger to the settlement but put their faith in the Mayor and the Ocean Church to protect them. The unnamed Greathouse bar opened for business to serve those that remained at the few tables in the center of the space, the intrigued. At a center table, Jilrora conversed with Nemes while sketching a map of Coran Island. Nearby, Nisberra Bravehand, the smith, listened intently, pipe in hand. Then the intrigue deepened as a tall and narrow figure manifested out of the shadows and strode toward the center table. “Ye gods, the Master of Wizard’s Tower!” someone mutters while others again make the protective sign of the wave. 

  • Irakul, 475, male Eladrin, is a retired mage and professional thinker. He is very tall and lean to the point of gauntness. He walks with a bit of a stoop but always has a ready smile. Irakul has long gray hair that he weaves into a ponytail straight down his back. His gray eyes are bright and clear and always filled with curiosity. Irakul wears long burgundy robes with crisp collars and decorations around the sleeves. He carries an oaken staff that aids him with casting spells. 

  • When Irakul learns of the meteorite, his first thought is to investigate it. He talks to Jilrora, and they decide to form a group to make the trip to the site. Jilrora will be the party leader, and Nisberra, 106, male Dwarf, Blacksmith is second in command. The rest of the group of eight will be four Grogs in training from his Tower. Nemes Munugath will accompany them and agree to show them some effects of the meteorite on the fish. 

  • Irakul lives by himself just outside of Felka Cove. He has a large home, the Wizard’s Tower, and surrounding property. He also has several employees (two Companions and a cadre of Grogs) who keep everything working smoothly with his home and its grounds. Irakul moved to near Felka Cove when one of his friends, Corlias, 500, Eladrin, became ill and died. It was a devastating blow, and Irakul isn't sure what he wants to do next. 

  • Geography: The Wizard’s Tower (location 4 see below), home to Irakul and his staff, sits atop the cliffs a couple miles north of Felka Cove, just past the trail leading inland. The expedition, once gathered, travels along the coast and across the sandbar at low tide. They climb the hills of Coran Island and head south through the brush and scrub. Near the end of a day’s travel, the expedition encounters the landscape churned and scattered by the impact of the Skyfall. A camp is set (location 5 see below) and examination begins. 

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