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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #283

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #283 

October 11th, 2023 

  • Number: 283 

  • Name:  Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: Tolfastun – Part 3 

  • Location: Northwest Tuton Maug of Noldrune, southeast of Anum Taag 

  • Population (approx.): 214 (Faerie Community) 

  • Brief: As the pages of history were written, the importance and hence occupancy of Tolfastun rose and fell. Prior to the rise of the Ta’arnan Empire, Tolfastun was mostly empty (but certainly not forgotten). During the Empire’s occupancy of the region, the citadel became home to groups of refugees fleeing Ta’arnan persecution. As Ta’arna burned and the four City-States rose from its ashes, elders, of the Kin of Anum Taag, sensed the darker forces behind the cataclysmic battles between the once cooperative six faiths of the Empire. Tolfastun was “reactivated,” the citadel council reformed as various groups of the Kin were called to make the site their home. Tolfastun is now a self-sustaining community with all manner of artisans and shopkeepers having opened workshops and stores on the main levels of the central citadel. A steady traffic of traders brings goods between Tolfastun and Anum Taag and beyond. 

  • Valrie, 33, female Fairy is a talented seamstress who owns Tolfastun Trendy Clothes. She is very short and has yellow wings. She chatters and gets annoyed if anyone needs help to keep up. Valrie has blue skin and long eyelashes. She keeps her hair short and wears a gold necklace her father gave her. Valrie is a pacifist and refuses to have any weapons around. 

  • Valrie and her team of seamstresses make clothes for both fairies and elves. Her specialty is formal wear for both races, and she designs most of it herself. The local government officials wear her clothing to formal banquets, and she has become quite wealthy. Valrie is always looking for new materials to make her clothing from. She has hired a group of fairies to scour the local countryside for fibrous plants and engaged a "tray” of brownies to scrounge the many levels of the citadel for unusual remnants. 

  • Valrie is happily married to Aed,31, male Fairy, and they have no children. They live in the outer half of the central levels of Tolfastun. They share this area with the Elves; both sides live and work together seamlessly. Valrie's best friend is Bryphine 'Bry' Dulti, female Elf, 76. Valrie and Bry met when she designed a ball gown for Bry, which was very successful. The two of them meet once a week to do something fun. 

  • Geography: Most of the businesses and workshops of Tolfastun can be found in a ring about the upper level of lower halls and lower level of the central citadel (location 5 see below). The former is favored by Dwarves and other Kin of the underdark or for crafts or business best conducted either in darkness or underground. The latter is favored by the Elves and Faeries with many of the shops featuring wide windows or openings looking out onto the Tuton Maug to bring in the light and outside air. The bulk of those Kin live in residences on the upper shop level or above the stores against the outer walls (location 6 see below). The Dwarves and their fellows live throughout the lower citadel levels. 

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