Thursday, September 28, 2023

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #270

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #270 

September 28th, 2023 

  • Number: 270 

  • Name:  Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: The Sinking Lands of the Narrows – Part 4 

  • Location: Central Narrows southwest of the City-State of Carasta 

  • Population (approx.): 311 (Yarjenhome) 

  • Brief: Fifteen Centuries ago, in the aftermath of the battle that resulted in the formation of the Blasted Circle surrounded by the Ashen Expanse (#25), one of the Empire’s allies, the Brass Dragon YarJen grew tired of Ta’arnans, especially the overly subservient Clerics of Afi, and decided to withdraw their support of the Empire. The Dragon and his Dragonborn minions withdrew from the field and disappeared into the rift valley to the southeast, burrowing into the heart of the volcano, Lanumae, and beginning a long hibernation. 

  • Three centuries ago, a massive earthquake rippled across the Narrows. The central rift, The Furnace, expanded westward almost 25 miles in an instant, tearing through the heart of dormant Lanumae. The volcano exploded and erupted for two months spewing ash and smoke into the skies. YarJen now ancient, unfortunately, did not survive the event, but over a hundred of his Dragonborn Kin did. Now awake, they recovered and once the eruptions subsided (perhaps due to Dragonish magics) evaluated their situation, deciding to turn YarJen’s lair into a settlement they named Yarjenhome. The Dragonborn are cunningly growing their numbers, skills and powers, keeping their existence hidden from the local populace. Mysterious raids, with no survivors, on the road just north of their home, have pushed some caravan masters to take a longer path across the Narrows (passing near West Rift Ventures (#197)). 

  • Tornad (Faithful (Fait)) Korish, 27, female Dragonborn, is a scout for the Yarjenjit clan who live on and in the Lanumae (Red Rift) volcano. She is of average height and has a lean body. Her Draconic ancestry is from a Brass dragon; she can breathe fire. Her long, fiery red hair cascades down her back when she is at home. As a scout, she keeps it tied up and out of the way. Her eyes are like hawks as she scouts for enemies. Fait wears light leather armor dyed red and favors a bow and arrow for weapons. She wears a dagger with intricate carving on the handle she received as a present. 

  • Fait scouts the Sinking Lands around the volcano for many things, including enemies. She also has some foraging knowledge and is always interested in finding new fauna and flora. Fait started working for her uncle Celthan as a teen, who was part of the lair guard. When she turned eighteen, she focused on scouting and protecting Yarjenhome. Now, she leads a wing of three scouts and has never been happier. 

  • Fait is happily married to Yuxal, 30, male Dragonborn, and they have a son, Lerdaak, 10. They live in modest quarters near the center of Yarjenhome. Fait and Yuxal have date nights every Tuesday to celebrate their meeting day. Yuxal is an advisor to the Hearthmaster (mayor equivalent) and is the primary caretaker for Lerdaak. 

  • Geography: The Furnace (#23) is the longest (about 75 to 80 miles) and most volcanically active site of the rift valley of the Narrows. It begins at Deep Mining Station 3A and cuts westward through the middle of the region, ending at an oasis just north of the approximate center of the Sinking Lands. Two mountains rise about the rift, the western peak being Lanumae (location 3 see below), home to the Dragonborn. The other, Masag, is rumored to be home to other Deep Mining Stations. 

  • Lanumae sits astride the Furnace, its southeastern slopes split by the great quake. The mountain, topping 8000 feet tall, is riddled with tunnels, either dormant lava tubes or tremor created rifts and cervices. The Dragonborn settlement is concealed within the northwest flank of the mountain, accessible only through well-guarded or trapped tunnels. Each Dragonborn nesting (family) carves their own cave into the walls of the chamber which was the ancient Dragon’s lair and is now the central “square” of Yarjenhome. Dragonborn constantly gather in the square; working, training or eating together. Other caves are used for storage, crafting, treasure vaults and prison cells. Yarjenhome’s Hearthmaster frequently gathers everyone in the “square” to conduct ceremonies or settlement business. 

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