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Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #265

Settlements and Sites of the Four City-States #265 

September 23rd, 2023 

  • Number: 265 

  • Name:  Deep Dive on a Site of Interest: The Banks of the Red River’s Run of Taodeas  – Part 6 

  • Location: Central Taodeas between the Tuton Maug and the Danthas River 

  • Population (approx.): 350 (Red River Marketplace) and 472 (Kolosau) 

  • Brief: The road departing Red River Marketplace covers about 30 miles of quiet pastoral farmland and pastures before reaching the main highway from Blackstone to Aai Lau. As one draws closer to that crossroads, the heritage of the population changes from mostly Feebra to mainly that of the greater Danthas Tribes to the southeast. The village of Kolosau at the intersection currently marks the westernmost influence of the Danthas. The background history of the Feebra leads some locals to travel further to Red River Markerplace rather than sell their goods at Kolosau. Others, with ties to both peoples, don’t let history influence the present day. 

  • Barxian, 52, male Half-Elf, owns the Elementary Apple Mill and Bakery just north of Kolosau. He is of average height and slouches, giving him a slightly extended belly. His jade green eyes and silver hair drew immediate attention. Barxian has a tattoo of a cinnamon roll on his right arm. He likes to wear comfortable clothes in his favorite colors, midnight blue and aqua green. He carries a utility dagger on a belt around his waist. 

  • Barxian inherited the Mill and Bakery from his parents. His father, Rokas Woodcrest, 103, Elf, used to do the baking, and his mother, Dana Silenor, 60, Human, ran the wind and oxen powered mill. They retired about five years ago and moved to Kolosau. Barxian had an excellent idea when he was twenty. He would combine apples from the nearby Blue River Orchard and Farm with flour from the mill and create an incredible apple cinnamon roll. The idea took off, and he regularly sells out of the delectable pastries.  

  • Barxian is married to the love of his life, Venrila, 48, Half-Elf. She took over running the mill and enjoys the satisfying work. They have three children, Barros, 17, Alunoa, 15, and Faeona, 10. They all live in a large house near the mill. Barxian loves to go fishing with his friend, Kurt Levet, 46, Human. Barxian owns a fishing boat, and they go fishing at least once a week on a nearby lake. 

  • Geography: Kolosau (location 7 see below) can be found at the intersection of the main highway arriving from the west, by way of the ferry at Itusasae (#264), and the lesser highway arriving from the northwest by way of the Forst Ferry (#262) and Red River Marketplace (#263). Kolo pond, a small lake, sits between the roads about 3 miles west of the large village. Having been the bone of contention between tribes in the past, Kolosau is now surrounded by a stone-fronted and timber-backed earthen rampart surmounted by a wooden wall. The road is interrupted by a roundabout with a park in the middle serving as the village center used for ceremonies, events and market days. The home to local Danthas Elders, effectively the town hall, overlooks the park.  

  • The outer wall is pierced at two points to allow the highway to pass through the village. Danthas Roadwardens guard the gates and the town working with Hillwardens who patrol the border of tribal lands to the southwest and northeast. Feebra Tribe has a much smaller contingent of Hillwardens who patrol their border but keep north or west of Kolo pond. 

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