Monday, November 23, 2015

The North Watch: Chapter Four Preview - The Cells of A'Salm A'Zalam:

The first preview of chapter four of my #Southlands sandbox (on my blog see Chapter One ) being another snapshot of area around the #narumbekigap 

In the wastes south of Nuria Natal, a 1/2 mile long crevasse cuts across the flats. On the north side, reached by a dusty trail, a single building marks the entrance to the prison of A'Salm A'Zalam (the Silent Dark). In the depths of the chasm below the crevasse, whose bottom may be many hundreds of feet below the surface, cells are hung between the walls, rocking slightly in the stagnant, damp and cold air. Here the Nurians throw prisoners that will never be released. Escape is difficult if not impossible. Those who attempt such usually find themselves plummeting to the bottom of the chasm, mingling with rocks, debris and the bones of those who fell before them.

The Cells shows a typical cell. On one side of the cavern arrowslits allow guards or a few visitors to view the imprisoned. On the other side a track guides a cart with a folding bridge, used for access to the cells.

The Watch is a view above. Above the arrow-slits are battlements with heavier weapons to use versus determined escapees.

The Bottom is the depths of the chasm. Stone, bones, debris litter the floor. A narrow cold stream, which carved this rent in the earth eons ago, drifts silently in mute observance.

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