Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Micro Map Monday 1-27-2015

For yesterdays #micromapmonday 's themes of #grit and #steel

In the deep of the wastes, the winds are so fierce and laden with magicks that all is ground to dust, shards and pieces. When the storms rage across the dunes, that grinding force can strip an unprotected soul to their bones in seconds and then add their crushed bones to the storm.

How can one cross this land, where the magicks foul teleports and flying is as dangerous as riding? The relics of the fallen empires hold the key. Scattered across the ergs are the hulks of ancient vessels, their hulls made of material proof against the winds. Metal forged in the void between stars.

Caravans race the winds from wreck to wreck, hiding inside the overturned hulls, listening to the music of the vibrating metal, until the storm subsides. Minions and slaves dig clear the entrances and the wagons ride once more.

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