Monday, January 19, 2015

Micro Map Monday 1-19-2015

For #micromapmonday 's theme of #circuitry
#acrossthewastes   no. 2

The inexorable passage of time has caused the wastes to swallow many a fallen empire. Those empires varied in size and scope, they wielded high sorceries or manufactured terrible machines, some fell to disease, some to war and others to disaster.

The fallen empire of this region powered their economy by tapping into the ley lines that ran below the great prairies (as they were at the time). Buildings dotted the landscape, attached to great pipes driven into the lines like wells tapping an aquifer. The magic was pulled to the surface and passed into sapphire tubes that crisscrossed their territory. Magic was plentiful and consumed by all.

As all these stories end, one day the wells ran dry. Perhaps the ley lines ran out of magic or perhaps the world felt the drain, like a deep wound on its surface, and redirected the ley lines elsewhere. The empire soon fell and was consumed by the wastes, leaving behind these empty wells, perched on dark crevasses, connected to broken tubes.

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