Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Micro Map Monday 1-12-2015

#micromapmonday theme #incubator   - #acrossthewastes no. 1

In the depths of the wastes lies an array of regularly spaced structures. Once perhaps cylindrical or conical, time and weather have worn the stone to irregular domes about 20 foot in diameter and perhaps 30 feet high.

These structures predate all who have in or crossed the wastes. Their lore suggests something lies within these demos, but none have seen one hatch or open. In years past, sandstorms covered the field of domes. When the weather cleared, sometimes a dome had vanished, replaced by a pile of rubble.

Other domes have collapsed, revealing featureless square chambers within. These are sometimes used as nests or lairs of the beasts of the wastes or even homes to the strange hermits who have anointed themselves guardians of "the array" as they call it.

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