Sunday, August 27, 2017

Map and Story Block 7

Good Evening everyone,

Continuing our series developing a world a 5 mile square block at a time, we present:

Block 7


Scale: 1 square = 1/2 mile

About a day’s journey to the north is a waystation/ inn by the name of The Stormy Bed.  The road in front of The Stormy Bed continues to the north and just before the inn the road veers to the east. The Stormy Bed provides many services, food, rooms to sleep, laundry services, a stable and on certain days of the week a money trader sets up in the common room with 2 guards. The Stormy Bed is run by an unusual couple, Nattereak and Hisa Stormgrog. He is a traditional dwarf with a jovial outlook and always a kind word. She is a tiger woman with a long sinuous tail and a red-orange furred body.  The couple met over 50 years ago and set up The Stormy Bed. People have been talking about the place ever since.  

Next Block: Plains of the Tigers.

Text (c) 2017 Heleen Durston and map (c) 2017 Andrew Durston

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