Sunday, September 20, 2015

The North Watch: Chapter Two Preview - The Little Lift

As I'm busily working on the #NarumbekiGap sandbox (see - Chapter One ) my next group #micromapsoftheweek of will be small snapshots of the #Southlands

As the Lion Road road nears the MBahza Mountains, a ridge cuts across the landscape from west to east. Originally the road detoured, adding a day or more of travel, along the face of the ridge until it could ascend. Years ago, the Dwarves of Sebbek Sobor heard of complaints about the delay from various merchants of their allies in Narumbeki.

The Dwarves sent a number of engineers (with a goodly train of guards and provisions) north through the Narumbeki Gap. At the ridge, they undertook construction of a mechanical lift to raise wagons up the 100 foot rise. The first lift was small, carrying a single vehicle at a time, but was quite successful.

The Dwarves resupplied and over time engineered the Great Lift, which could carry 3-4 wagons at a time. The original lift, still in operation to this day, was nicknamed the Little Lift. Small caravans or groups of horsemen use it while larger groups are lifted nearby.

The Little Lift is a 20 foot by 20 foot platform, raised by winches (wound by oxen or groups of slaves) assisted by counter-weights. The mechanisms can be run from bottom or top, contained within circular huts with metal roofs. At the top the ramp can be locked in place for loading and unloading.

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