Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Micro Map Monday 4-14-2014

In Holsfrin's Digs - several hundred feet from a barrier, past several short side tunnels,  the miner-made tunnel intersects with a natural hollow in the volcanic rock. The far wall of the chamber is the white and red stone of a tower swallowed by the mud, rock and lava of a  great eruption. A narrow window marks the center of the wall. The miners widened the opening with picks so that they could climb into the building and explore.

Tower Level Down 1 - (Bottom map) The first level down appears to be a mix of store rooms and workshops. They were hastily emptied to house the stasis chambers of the Wizard's Kav. Stone cairns line the walls of the rooms. Scattered across the floors are fragments of the chamber lids and the magical jade poured inside. Smears of blood (DC15 to spot) suggest captured miners were dragged here as well as either food for awoken Kav or to be converted to serve the Wizard as new servants.

1 square = 5 foot,  approx. 10 foot high ceilings
(Note: Top map is a revision of the main level.)

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