Thursday, July 13, 2017

Map and Story Block 4

Good Morning everyone,

Continuing our series developing a world a 5 mile square block at a time, we present:

Block 4

Scale: 1 square = 1/2 mile

Several miles further south, the Sparkling River flows into the Bergonlir Sea. The Bergonlir Sea is named after the Dwarf Explorer, Gibnir Bergonlir. Right along the banks of the river is the thriving city of Elderhaven.  Several thousand people live here, primarily Dwarves in the spacious upper levels of the city.  Just on the outskirts of town are the citrus orchards owned by Sinead Coldmail.  Sinead has a large family, seven children, all born with agrarian talents.  This has allowed Sinead to lead Elderhaven’s Agrarian Guild.  The guild is responsible for feeding most of Elderhaven and Sinead does his job very responsibly.

Next Block: To the capital.

Text (c) 2017 Heleen Durston and map (c) 2017 Andrew Durston

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